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• It does not fit the screen (those images are
• The [MODE (MP3, JPEG)] setting has been set to
[AUDIO (MP3)] (page 51).
• If you cannot change the [MODE (MP3, JPEG)]
setting, re-load the disc or turn the system off, then
• The DATA CD/DATA DVD contains a DivX
video file.
The MP3 audio tracks and JPEG image file
starts playing simultaneously.
• [AUTO] has been selected in [MODE (MP3,
JPEG)] (page 51).
The DivX video file cannot be played.
• The file is not created in DivX format.
• The file has an extension other than ".AVI" or
• The DATA CD/DATA DVD is not created in a
DivX format that conforms to ISO 9660 Level 1/
Level 2 or, Joliet/UDF.
• The DivX video file is larger than 720 (width)
576 (height).
The titles of album/track/file name are not
displayed correctly.
• The system can only display numbers and letters
of the alphabets. Other characters are displayed as
A disc does not start playing from the
• Program Play, Shuffle Play, or Repeat Play has
been selected.
Press CLEAR to cancel these functions before
playing a disc.
• Resume Play has been selected.
During stop, press x on the system or the remote
and then start playback (page 35).
• The title, DVD or PBC menu automatically
appears on the TV screen.
The system starts playing the disc
• The DVD features an auto playback function.
Playback stops automatically.
• Some discs may contain an auto pause signal.
While playing such a disc, the system stops
playback at the auto pause signal.
You cannot perform some functions such as
Stop, Search, Slow-motion Play, or Repeat
• Depending on the disc, you may not be able to
perform some of the operations above. See the
operating manual that came with the disc.
Downloaded From Manuals
Messages do not appear on the screen in the
language you want.
• In the Setup Display, select the desired language
for the on-screen display in [OSD] under
[LANGUAGE SETUP] (page 72).
The language for the sound track cannot be
• Multilingual tracks are not recorded on the DVD
being played.
• The DVD prohibits changing the language for the
sound track.
The subtitle language cannot be changed.
• Multilingual subtitles are not recorded on the
DVD being played.
• The DVD prohibits changing the subtitles.
The subtitle cannot be turned off.
• The DVD prohibits turning off subtitles.
The angles cannot be changed.
• Multi-angles are not recorded on the DVD being
played (page 45).
• The DVD prohibits changing the angles.
A disc cannot be ejected and "LOCKED"
appears in the front panel display.
• Contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony
service facility.
[Data error] appears on the TV screen when
playing a DATA CD or DATA DVD.
• The MP3 audio track/JPEG image file/DivX
video file you want to play is broken.
• The data is not MPEG1 Audio Layer 3 data.
• The JPEG image file format does not conform to
• The JPEG image file has the extension ".JPG" or
".JPEG," but is not in JPEG format.
• The file you want to play has the extension ".AVI"
or ".DIVX" but is not in DivX format, or is in
DivX format but does not conform to a DivX
Certified profiles.
The system does not work normally.
• Disconnect the AC power cord (mains lead) from
the wall outlet (mains), then reconnect after
several minutes.


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