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Epson SF-710 User Manual Page 46

Gps sports monitor.
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User Manual
The interval measurement screen is displayed.
Start measuring.
Press C.
Sprint measuring starts.
When the sprint time (or sprint distance) has
passed, an alarm sounds and recovery measuring
starts automatically.
When the repeat number is set to two or more,
the sprint and recovery set is repeated.
❏ If you press D while measuring, you can
change from sprint to recovery, and then back
to sprint again.
❏ To stop while exercising, press C. Press C to
resume measuring.
Finish measuring.
Measuring finishes automatically after repeating
the specified sprint and recovery sets.
When you finish, the time, distance, and calories
burnt are displayed.
Reset the measurement results.
Hold down D while measuring is stopped.
When you reset the display, it returns to the
status before measuring started allowing you to
start the next measurement.
Data measured up to that point is stored in the
device's memory, and you can check it by
pressing D on the time screen.
"Checking Measurement Data" on
page 63
To stop measuring and return to the time screen
❏ After resetting the measurement results in step 3,
hold down A.
❏ While the screen in step 2 is displayed while
measurement is stopped, hold down C. The
measurement results are reset and the time screen is
❏ If no operations are made for 60 minutes on a screen
other than the measuring screen, the time screen is


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