Water Dispenser; Water Filter Status Light - KitchenAid 12828154 Use And Care Manual

Bottom-mount refrigerator
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Temperature Alarm: An alarm will sound repeatedly if the freezer
or refrigerator compartment temperatures exceed normal
operating temperatures for an hour or more.
The temperature displays will alternately show the current
temperatures and the highest temperatures the compartments
Press the Temp Alarm touch pad once to stop the audible
alarm and alternating temperature displays. The Temp Alarm
light will continue to flash until the refrigerator returns to the
set temperature.
Door Alarm
The Door Alarm feature sounds a chime every few seconds when
the refrigerator door has been left open for 5 continuous minutes.
The chime will sound until the door is closed or Door Alarm is
turned off.
Press the Door Alarm touch pad to turn this feature on or off.
The indicator light will be lit when the Door Alarm feature is
Water Filter Status Light and Filter Reset
(on some models)
See "Water Filter Status Light."
User Preferences
The control center allows you to set user preferences, if desired.
Temperature Display (F_C)
This preference allows you to change the temperature display.
F - Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit
C - Temperature in degrees Celsius
Alarm (AL)
This preference allows you to turn off the sound of all alarms.
ON - You will hear the alarm sound.
OFF - You will not hear the alarm sound.
Sabbath Mode (SAB)
IMPORTANT: This preference does not disable interior lights.
ON - All control panel lights will be disabled.
OFF - All control panel lights will be enabled.
NOTE: Press any touch pad on the control panel to restore the
control panel lights.
To Access the User Preferences Menu:
1. Press and hold the Door Alarm touch pad for 3 seconds. The
preference name will appear in the Freezer display and the
preference status (F or C) or (ON or OFF) will appear in the
Refrigerator display.
2. Use the Freezer (+) or (-) touch pads to scroll through the
preference names. When the desired preference name is
displayed, press the Refrigerator (+) or (-) touch pads to
change the preference status.
3. Set your preferences by pressing and holding the Door Alarm
touch pad for 3 seconds, or by shutting the refrigerator
compartment door.

Water Dispenser

(on some models)
If you did not flush the water system when the refrigerator was
first installed, dispense water into a container until you draw and
discard 2 to 3 gal. (8 to 12 L) or for approximately 6 to 7 minutes
after the water begins dispensing. The water you draw and
discard rinses the pipes. Allow several hours for the refrigerator
to cool down and chill water.
Dispensing Water
1. Hold a container under the dispenser while pressing the
2. Release the button to stop dispensing.
NOTE: Dispense enough water every week to maintain a fresh

Water Filter Status Light

(on some models)
The water filter status light will help you know when to change
the water filter. When the yellow (Order) light is on, it is almost
time to change the water filter. When the red (Replace) light is on,
a new water filter should be installed. See "Water Filtration
After replacing the water filter, press and hold FILTER RESET for
3 seconds until the Order or Replace light turns off.


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