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LG PC Central Controller Installation Manual page 21

Pc central controller
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Installation of PC Central Controller Software
Click the Outdoor Unit Setting.
Click the "Group" and enter the group's name.
When you click the default , Default data is set. All indoor unit's data made by presetting G/W and
Outdoor unit data is set automatically.
Group name(physical group data) is inherited by the outdoor name.
Click the Group name for which you want to input the indoor unit's data and the unit setting area.
Click on "Indoor Unit" .
To set ID and PW , click the ID/PW button and the enter your id and password in the ID/PW Window.
Click the 'Save' after setting all the data to save the information.
When you click "Reset", the last saved data is restored.
When you click the "default" , default data is set. Enter the G/W
No., Outdoor Unit No., Name, Type, Model, Max. power
consumption in the Outdoor Unit Setting.
The unnecessary data is deleted automatically.
When all the input data is set, click OK
Enter the indoor unit's information.
The physical addressing format is (X1. X2. X3) where X1 is
Gateway information, X2 is the outdoor information, and X3 is
the Indoor unit information for the Multi_V Unit .
In the unit for school, The Type is SGL and the Physical address
is the indoor unit's IP address.
Installation Manual 21



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