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Engine S/W Registration In Service Program - LG PC Central Controller Installation Manual

Pc central controller
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Installation of PC Central Controller Software

Engine S/W Registration in service program

Installed ACCS III Program in computer is classified GUI program and Engine Program "LG ACCS III
Ver[name of version]" is GUI Program, "LG ACCS III Service Manager" is program to handle the
Actual air conditioner control,monitoring and other function operate in Engine.
So Engine S/W must operate in control Inside PC at all time.
It is possible to control air conditioner.
Click [Start] ¡ [Program] ¡
[LG Electronics Inc] ¡ [LG ACCS III] ¡
[LG ACCS III Service Manager]
After install, Engine program is registered in
Service Program, then the program is executed
If service Program is not executed, click on
"Install" then click on "Start"
After becomes the execution, though window is
closed by click on "OK"
S/W is executing continuously.
❈ Once you have set Register at the first
operation, you do not need to set again.
Engine S/W which registered at the Service
Program will operate automatically when PC is
rebooting after
Installation Manual 17



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