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Execution Of The Program - LG PC Central Controller Installation Manual

Pc central controller
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Execution of the Program

Click the Program LG ACCS in the start menu in the program menu of windows ( Click the LG ACCS
icon on the desktop )
When the program is started, loading image is displayed.
Afterwards, Initial display appears on the screen.
On the Login window, Insert ID and Password, click the Login button.
[At first time ID is admin Password is digital21]
when click on cancel, this program is closed
• PC Central program can be executed only when the approval hard_lock is inserted in your desktop
When the Hard_Lock is pull out, PC central Program can not be executed, Some error will be
Failed the Log-in
Loading screen is not appeared but appear fail message
"Status : Please, Input ID and a Password..."
- The case which does not put in the ID of Password
"Status : Authentication Failed. Wait a Moment..."
- In case input ID or Password is wrong.
"Status : There is No Response, Login Failed. Wait a Moment..."
- The case which does not operate Engine S/W
"Status : Connection Error, Login Failed. Wait a Moment..."
- The case where the data transmission of receipt of a message goes wrong
"Status : Client License Access Over..."
- Access people are over than
"Status : Permission Error. Retry Again..."
- Although succeed Log-in,it cannot receive Permission information or receive wrong
18 PC Central Controller
Installation of PC Central Controller Software



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