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How To Use Approval Hard_Lock - LG PC Central Controller Installation Manual

Pc central controller
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Installation of PC Central Controller Software

How to use approval hard_lock

L Hard_lock warning window appears in case key is not inserted.(When program starting)
L Approval Hard_lock Warning Window
(While program is operating)
USB Hard_Lock key
PC Central program can be executed only when the hard_lock is inserted in
computer When the Hard_Lock is pulled out, PC central Program can not be
executed. In such a case some error will be displayed as shown in left
picture. So click the OK button and insert the approval hard_lock and then
execute again.
A when approval hard_lock is pulled
out or remove it on operating
program, warning message will be
displayed As show in left picture.
If approval hard_lock is inserted within
3 minutes, warning message is
disappeared and
the program is operated in the
Installation Manual 19



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