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Part No. 99011-24F53-01A
August, 2001 © EN
Printed in Japan


   Summary of Contents for Suzuki GSX1300R

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    SUZUKI SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION OWNER'S MANUAL Part No. 99011-24F53-01A August, 2001 © EN Printed in Japan descargado de - VIRTUAL MOTORCYCLE CLUB...

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    The personal safety of the rider may new motorcycle. Suzuki parts are be involved. Disregarding this infor- manufactured of high quality materi- mation could result in injury to the als, and machined parts are finished rider.

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    STORAGE PROCEDURE unsafe operating conditions. It is not tions explicitly you will ensure a long SPECIFICATIONS possible for Suzuki to test each acces- trouble free operating life for your mo- GEARSHIFT LEVER sory on the market or combinations REAR BRAKE PEDAL of all the available accessories;...

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    A WARNING cident. Suzuki will not be res- ponsible ity in cross winds or when being in any way for personal injury or dam- passed or passing large vehicles.

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    KNOW YOUR LIMITS SAFE RIDING SERIAL NUMBER LOCATION Ride within the boundaries of your own RECOMMENDATION FOR skill at all times. Knowing these limits MOTORCYCLE RIDERS and staying within them will help you Motorcycle riding is great fun and an to avoid accidents.

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    LOCATION OF PARTS ) Front suspension spring pre-load and rebound damping force adjuster ® Clutch lever ) Air cleaner @ Left handlebar switches ) Engine coolant reservoir © Choke lever ) Rear suspension compression damping force adjuster ® Clutch fluid reservoir ) Battery ®...

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    CONTROLS "OFF" POSITION All electrical circuits are cut off. The engine will not start. The key can be removed. "ON" POSITION (Except for Canada and Australia) The ignition circuit is completed and the engine can now be started. The key cannot be removed from the igni- tion switch in this position.

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    | engine. If the light still does not go The indicator light comes on when the out, have your authorized SUZUKI ignition switch is turned on and goes dealer or qualified mechanic off when the fuel tank has enough fuel.

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    COOLANT TEMPERATURE METER Fuel injection system indicator tem has minor failure. Bring your motorcycle to an anthorized Suzuki ® The coolant temperature meter indi- dealer or qualified mechanic to in- cates coolant temperature. When the spect the motorcycle. Continuous coolant temperature gets too much...

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    Fuel consumption meter Push the button ® to change the (Except for U.K.) meter display. The meter display TRIP12 changes from the odometer to trip 1, trip 1 fuel consumption, trip 2, trip 2 fuel consumption and then return to the odometer.

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    Clutch Lever Adjustment LEFT HANDLEBAR DIMMER SWITCH ® CHOKE LEVER The headlight low beam and taillight © turn on. The headlight high beam and taillight turn on. The high beam indicator light also turns on. TURN SIGNAL LIGHT SWITCH ® Moving the switch to the "<=^"...

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    RIGHT HANDLEBAR ELECTRIC STARTER BUTTON "®" Front Brake Lever Adjustment THROTTLE GRIP ® Engine speed is controlled by the po- ® This button is used for operating the sition of the throttle grip.Twist it toward starter motor. With the ignition switch you to increase engine speed.

  • Page 13

    REAR BRAKE PEDAL GEARSHIFT LEVER ® Fuel level Depressing the rear brake pedal will This motorcycle has a 6-speed trans- apply the rear disk brake. The brake mission which operates as shown. To A WARNING light will be illuminated when the rear shift properly, pull the clutch lever and brake is operated.

  • Page 14

    SEAT LOCK AND HELMET Rear Seat A WARNING HOLDERS Failure to install the seat properly Front Seat could allow the seat to move and To remove the front seat. cause loss of rider control. Latch the seat securely in its proper position.

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    SIDE STAND SUSPENSION ADJUSTMENT A CAUTION The standard settings of both front and rear suspensions are selected to meet Park the motorcycle on firm, level various riding conditions such as low ground to help prevent it from fall- to high motorcycle speed and light to ing over.

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    The rebound and compression damp- this adjustment be done by your au- ing force can be individually adjusted thorized Suzuki dealer, since a spe- by turning the respective adjusters. To set the rebound and compression cial tool is needed for this job.

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    Rebound Compression Rebound Compression NOTE: In some areas.the only fuels that are • To help clean the air, Suzuki rec- available are oxygenated fuels. Oxy- Softer ommends that you use the oxygen- genated fuels which meet the mini- ated fuels.

  • Page 18

    Water classification. The recommended vis- A WARNING (3.1/2.6 US/Imp, pt) your new Suzuki. The following guide- cosity is SAE 10W-40. If a SAE 10W- lines explain proper break-in proce- 1475 ml Engine coolant is harmful if swal-...

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    INSPECTION BEFORE BREAKING IN THE NEW TIRES ALLOW THE ENGINE OIL TO A WARNING New tires need proper break-in to as- CIRCULATE BEFORE RIDING RIDING Checking maintenance items when sure maximum performance, just as Allow sufficient idling time after warm the engine does.

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    RIDING TIPS 4. Move the choke lever to the "OFF" Horn WHAT TO CHECK FOR: position approximately 30 seconds CHECK Correct function Engine stop after engine starts. It may be nec- STARTING THE ENGINE • Smoothness switch Steering essary to use the choke longer than •...

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    The table below shows the approxi- After moving the side stand to the fully STARTING OFF A WARNING mate speed range for each gear (for up position, pull the clutch lever in and Canada). pause momentarily. Engage first gear Downshifting while the motorcycle A WARNING by depressing the gear shift lever is leaned over in a corner may...

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    A WARNING explained in the maintenance section. A WARNING for maintenance. If you use your mo- Your Suzuki dealer can provide you torcycle under severe conditions, per- Inexperienced riders tend to with further guidelines. Steering com- A hot muffler can burn you. The...

  • Page 23

    MAINTENANCE CHART TOOLS STEERING DAMPER Interval: This interval should be judged by odometer reading or months, which- MAINTENANCE ever comes first. 1. Keep the steering damper shaft clean at all times. Interval 1000 6000 12000 24000 2. Wipe off any oil residue with a cloth miles 4000 7500...

  • Page 24

    ® ... Clutch lever holder LUBRICATION POINTS FAIRING REMOVAL (2) ... Side stand pivot and spring Proper lubrication is important for hook smooth operation and long life of each stand. (3) ... Footrest pivot working part of your motorcycle and @ ...

  • Page 25

    Place the motorcycle on the side BATTERY AIR CLEANER A CAUTION stand. The battery is located under the front The air cleaner is located under the Remove the front seat by referring fuel tank. If the element has become seat. Remove the front seat by refer- Reversing the battery lead wires to the SEAT LOCK AND HELMET clogged with dust, intake resistance...

  • Page 26

    SPARK PLUGS Air Cleaner Drain Plug A CAUTION A torn air cleaner element will al- REMOVAL To remove the spark plugs, follow the low dirt to enter the engine and can procedure below: damage the engine. Carefully examine the air cleaner AIR CLEANER section.

  • Page 27

    7. Extract the spark plug cap. below or equivalent. Consult your 4. Lift the air cleaner box and discon- Suzuki dealer or qualified me- A CAUTION nect the tube ® and coupler ®. chanic if you are not sure which 5.

  • Page 28

    ENGINE OIL AND FILTER CHANGE ENGINE OIL Installation FUEL LINE Change the engine oil and oil filter at Long engine life depends much on the the initial 1000 km (600 miles) and at A CAUTION selection of a quality oil and the peri- each maintenance interval.

  • Page 29

    • Keep new and used oil and sol- Use a genuine SUZUKI oil filter or Tighten the filter vent away from children and Turn the oil filter © counterclock- 2 turns.

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    This can lead to loss of rider Engine damage may occur if you control. use oil that does not meet Suzuki's specifications. Adjust the throttle cable play so that engine idle speed does not rise Use the oil specified in the FUEL, due to handlebars movement.

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    "F" (FULL) and "L" (LOW) level lines needed on the clutch release system FUEL, ENGINE OIL AND COOL- Suzuki dealer or qualified me- because the system is self-adjusting. in the reservoir tank at all times. In- ANT RECOMMENDATION section.

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    The condition and adjustment of the the chain tends to rust, the interval If you find any of these problems with Use Suzuki chain lube or an equiva- drive chain should be checked each must be shortened. Kerosene is a your sprocket, consult your-Suzuki day before you ride.

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    BRAKE FLUID To adjust the drive chain, follow the BRAKES procedure below: This motorcycle utilizes front and rear A WARNING disk brakes. Proper operation of brake stand. systems are vital to safe riding. Be sure to perform the brake inspection humans and pets.

  • Page 34

    Inspect brake pad wear before each use. Ask your SUZUKI dealer or qualified mechanic to replace brake Inspect the brake fluid level before pads if any pad is worn to the limit.

  • Page 35

    REAR BRAKE PEDAL REAR BRAKE LIGHT SWITCH TIRE PRESSURE AND LOADING ADJUSTMENT Proper tire pressure and proper tire The rear brake pedal position must be loading are important factors. Over- A WARNING properly adjusted at all times or the loading your tires can lead to tire fail- ure and loss of vehicle control.

  • Page 36

    • Ask your SUZUKI dealer or quali- than 1.6 mm (0.06 in) front, 2.0 mm Be sure to balance the wheel after...

  • Page 37

    Have your motorcycle inspected by an authorized Suzuki dealer or a quali- fied service mechanic. 4. Loosen the two axle holder bolts (D on the right front fork.

  • Page 38

    A WARNING Wait until the muffler cools to avoid of the proper procedure, have your Failure to extend brake pads after authorized SUZUKI dealer or quali- burns. installing the wheel can cause poor fied mechanic do this. braking performance and may re- 5.

  • Page 39

    • Torque bolts and nuts to the proper specifications. If you are ... Low beam not sure of the proper procedure, Position light have your authorized SUZUKI Turn signal light dealer or qualified mechanic do Brake light/ this. 12V 21/5W x 2 License plate light 2.

  • Page 40

    HEADLIGHT BEAM ADJUSTMENT NOTE: To adjust the headlight beam, A CAUTION To replace the turn signal light bulb, The headlight beam can be adjusted adjust the beam horizontally first, then both horizontally and vertically if nec- adjust vertically. follow these directions. essary.

  • Page 41

    BRAKE LIGHT/TAILLIGHT LICENSE PLATE LIGHT FUSES The fuses are located behind the fair- To change the brake light/taillight bulb, To change the license plate light bulb, ing cover under the left handlebar. perform the following steps: perform the following steps: To access the fuses;...

  • Page 42

    4. If there is still no spark, consult your tem fails to operate, then the fuses chine to an authorized Suzuki dealer. Suzuki dealer for repairs. must be checked. Refer to the "INSTRUMENT PANEL'...

  • Page 43

    • When using waxes and polishes, Suzuki dealer. Refer to the "IN- b. Stir the paint and "touch-up" the observe the precautions specified motorcycle with running water. You...

  • Page 44

    For this reason, Suzuki rec- 2. Clean the outside of the battery with ommends that you trust this mainte- a mild detergent and remove any •...

  • Page 45: Specifications

    ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS Ignition type Electronic ignition (Transistorized) Spark plug NGK CR9E or DENSO U27ESR-N Battery 12V 36 kC(10 Ah)/10 HR Generator Three-phase A.C. generator DIMENSIONS AND DRY MASS Overall length 2140 mm (84.3 in) Fuse Overall width 740 mm (29.1 in) Headlight 12V 65W (HB3) ...

  • Page 46

    (b)The use of the vehicle after such device or element of design has been removed or rendered inoperative by any person. Prepared by SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION August, 2001 Part No. 99011-24F53-01A Printed in Japan...

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