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Loading/Replacing Batteries; Loading/Replacing The Main Batteries; Turning Power On And Off; Power On Recall Function - Casio KL-8100 User Manual

Label printer
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Be sure to grasp the plug of the AC adaptor cord when disconnecting it.
Never pull on the cord.

Loading/Replacing Batteries

A handy low battery power indicator lets you know when battery power is
getting too low for proper operation. The message LOW BATTERY or REPLACE
BATTERIES appears on the display if battery power is low when you perform any
of the following operations.
Switching power on
Executing a print operation
Executing a tape feed operation
You should still be able to perform some Label Printer operations, but some
power intensive operations (like printing or tape feed) may become impossible
if battery power is too low. In any case, you should replace batteries as soon
as possible or switch to the AC adaptor as soon as possible after the LOW
BATTERY message appears.
Batteries can burst or leak and damage your unit if you use them the wrong
way. Note the following important points.
Be sure that the plus (+) and minus (–) sides of each battery are facing
Never mix batteries of different types
Never leave dead batteries in the battery compartment.
Remove the batteries if you do not plan to use the unit for a long time.
Replace the main battery in accordance with the battery life marked on
the side of the battery.
Have the back-up battery replaced by the date noted on the sticker on
the back of the label printer.
Never recharge the batteries you use with this unit.
Do not expose batteries to direct heat, do not short circuit them, and
do not try to take them apart.
Keep batteries out of the reach of small children. If swallowed, consult
with a physician immediately.
Low battery power is indicated by poor print quality or power switching
off while printing is in progress.

Loading/Replacing the main batteries

Switch power off.
If you are using the AC adaptor to power the unit, you should also
unplug the adaptor from the Label Printer.
Open the battery compartment cover on the back of the Label Printer by
sliding it in the direction indicated by the arrow.
If you are replacing batteries, remove all eight of the old batteries.
Load a set of eight new batteries into the battery compartment, making
sure that their positive (+) and negative (–) ends are facing in the correct
Replace the battery compartment cover.

Turning Power On and Off

Press ON to turn power on, and OFF to turn power off.
Important! If you are using the label printer for the first time, you should
reset it first.

Power On Recall Function

Whenever you turn power off, any input that is on the display is automatically
stored in memory. Then the next time you turn on power, the message "[SET] TO


Table of Contents

Table of Contents