Casio KL-820 User Manual

Casio KL-820 User Manual


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User's Guide


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 KL-820 User’s Guide RJA519067-001V01...
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    Read This First! Safety Precautions • CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. shall not be held liable for any loss or Thank you for purchasing this quality CASIO product. claims by you or any other person or entity that may arise through the use Before using it, be sure to read the following Safety Precautions.
  • Page 3 Danger Warning Alkaline Batteries AC adaptor Perform the following steps immediately if fluid leaking from alkaline Misuse of the AC adaptor can damage it and create the risk of fire batteries ever gets into your eyes. and electric shock. Make sure you follow the precautions listed 1.
  • Page 4 Warning Warning Dropping and rough treatment Do not affix labels to a container to be used in a Continued use of the product after it has been damaged due to microwave oven. dropping or other rough treatment creates the risk of fire and Do not affix labels to any container you plan to use in a microwave electric shock.
  • Page 5 Caution Caution Batteries Loading and replacing batteries Misuse of batteries can cause them to leak resulting in damage to The springs inside of the battery compartment have sharp edges. nearby objects, or to explode, creating the risk of fire and personal Take care that you do not touch the springs with your fingers when injury.
  • Page 6: Operating Precautions

    • Mirror image printing • 6-language display messages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish) All of this makes the CASIO Label Printer the perfect tool for just about all of your labeling needs! Important! • Contact a nearby dealer whenever you require servicing.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Part 6 Printing ................E-22 Contents Printing a Tape ..................E-22 Safety Precautions ..............E-1 Print Preview ..................... E-22 Feeding the Tape ..................E-22 Operating Precautions ............... E-5 Part 7 Configuring Form Settings ..........E-23 Part 1 Getting Acquainted ............E-7 Part 8 Using Frames ..............
  • Page 8: Part 1 Getting Acquainted

    Label Printer Menus Part 1 Getting Acquainted Label Printer operation is designed to be as simple as possible, thanks to on- screen menus that you can use to select the settings you need. Each menu is described in detail in the sections that follow in this manual, but note the following This part of the manual provides you with important information you need to general points when using them.
  • Page 9: Part 2 Getting Ready

    Warning! Part 2 Getting Ready • Never use recharged batteries with the unit. • Do not expose batteries to direct heat, do not short circuit them, and do not try to take them apart. • Keep batteries out of the reach of small children. If swallowed, consult This part of the manual tells you how to load batteries and the tape cartridge, with a physician immediately.
  • Page 10: Ac Adaptor

    Caution power your Label Printer. • Use only a genuine CASIO AD-A95100 AC adaptor with the same voltage • Do not touch the springs inside the battery rating as the household current in your area. Using a wrong adaptor can compartment cover with your fingers while damage your Label Printer.
  • Page 11: Resetting The Memory

    Resetting the Memory Retrieving a Sentence from Memory You should reset the memory of the Label Printer before using it for the first If power is turned off or if Auto Power Off is triggered while you are creating a time.
  • Page 12 3. Remove the stopper from a new tape cartridge and check to see that the 6. Load the tape cartridge into the Label Printer, making sure that the tape and tape is ready to use. ink ribbon pass between the head and roller. •...
  • Page 13: Part 3 Inputting Characters And Symbols

    appears when you press the CODE key. While this indicator is on the display, Part 3 Inputting Characters and Symbols number keys input the accents marked above them and the U, O, P, A, S, J, K, L, Z, C, and N keys input the special characters marked in their lower right corners.
  • Page 14: Basic Alpha-Numeric Input

    0 Mirror printing indicator Basic Alpha-Numeric Input This indicator appears when the printer is set up for mirror image printing. Nor- The following operation shows you the basic procedures for inputting letters mal (non-mirror) printing is performed when this indicator is not shown. and numbers.
  • Page 15: About The Code Key

    About the CODE key… Special Symbols The CODE key makes it possible to input punctuation needed for a number of You can also access a menu of special symbols by pressing SYMBOL. different languages. The following shows the key operations you should use for (There are a total of 86 different symbols.) each of the characters formed using the CODE key.
  • Page 16: Using Text Blocks

    Using Text Blocks 3. Input the text for the next first block. • Here we will input “Retail Package”. In the example label shown below, “Promotion Plan” and “Retail Package Sample Data” are independent units called “text blocks,” or simply “blocks.” You can divided 3 c m your tape label text into blocks and then apply the following settings on a block- P r o...
  • Page 17: Part 4 Deleting And Inserting Characters

    2. Input the new characters (XYZ). • Inputting the new characters causes them to be inserted at the cursor position. Example: To change the word “CASSSIO” to “CASIO”. The existing characters are opened up to make room for the new characters.
  • Page 18: Part 5 Font, Caracter Size, Text Effects And Character Styles

    • Roman (ROMAN) Part 5 Font, Character Size, Text Effects and Character Styles This part of the manual explains how to select fonts. It also tells you how to set the size of characters, how to assign text effects like •...
  • Page 19: Character Size

    Character Size Actual Size Character Size Indicator (Vertical × Horizontal mm) There are two methods you can use to set the character size: AUTO and MANUAL. With AUTO, character size is set automatically in accordance with 3 × 1 9mm × 3mm the tape size you are using and the number of lines you are printing.
  • Page 20 6mm (1 line) 12mm (2 lines) Horizontal Horizontal 1 × 1 1 × 2 1 × 3 1 × 4 1 × 5 1 × 6 1 × 1 1 × 2 1 × 3 1 × 4 1 × 5 1 ×...
  • Page 21: Text Effects

    Using Auto Sizing (AUTO) Text Effects 1. Input the text. There are three text effects that you can assign: shading, underlining, and boxed 2. Press SIZE to display the size setting menu. text. The following shows examples of each. – –...
  • Page 22: Character Styles

    Character Styles To specify a character style 1. Input the text. There are five character styles that you can assign; normal, bold, outline, shadow, 2. Press STYLE to display a menu of character styles. and raised. The following shows examples of each. Style Indicator Sample...
  • Page 23: Part 6 Printing

    • An easy way to remove the backing from a tape Part 6 Printing and expose the adhesive surface is to bend the tape near one of its ends. This should cause the tape and its backing to separate, allowing you to pull them apart.
  • Page 24: Part 7 Configuring Form Settings

    When this setting Part 7 Configuring Form Settings Use z z and x x to select the option you want: is selected: TAPE LENGTH • AUTO: Automatically adjusts tape length in accordance with the number of characters. You can use the procedure in this section to configure direction, mirror, alignment, pitch, and tape length settings.
  • Page 25: Part 8 Using Frames

    Part 8 Using Frames Part 9 Layout Printing The printer comes with a selection of built-in frames that you can use in your tape labels. See page E-38 for a list of frames that are available. Using Layout Printing Example The printer comes with a Layout Printing feature with preset formats for CD/ DVD labeling, video tape labeling, and other applications.
  • Page 26: Part 10 Creating And Printing A Sequentially Numbered Tape Label

    5. Use z, x, c and v to select a format. Part 10 Creating and Printing a Sequentially Numbered Tape Label For details, see “Layout Formats” on page E-39. Here, press z once. This label printer gives you a choice of four different numbering formats that you can use to print sequentially numbered labels from 0 to 999.
  • Page 27 8. Use c, v, x, and z to select the number style you want, and then Example press SET. • Here we will select No.1. 9. Use z, and x to select PRINT, and then press SET. 10.Use the number keys to specify the number of labels to be printed. •...
  • Page 28: Part 11 Bar Code

    4. Use z and x to select the type of bar code you want to print, and then Part 11 Bar Code press SET. With this item, you can print two different types of bar codes: EAN-13, EAN-8. Important! • The procedure you use to print a bar code depends on the type of bar code (ex.
  • Page 29: Part 12 Creating And Printing A Tape Label With A Logo

    4. Use z and x to select the logo you want to use, and then press SET. Part 12 Creating and Printing a Tape Label with a Logo Here we will select “Special”. 5. Use z and x to select the size you want to use, and then press SET. 6.
  • Page 30: Part 13 Memory

    To recall text data from memory Part 13 Memory 1. While the input screen is on the display, press MEMORY. • Note that text recalled from memory will replace any text currently on the display. You can save data you create in printer memory. Stored data can be recalled 2.
  • Page 31: Layout Printing, Numbering, And Bar Code Data

    3. Use z and x to select RECALL and then press SET. Layout printing, Numbering, and Bar code Data This will display a list of label names. The following examples show how to perform operations on layout printing data. To save data –...
  • Page 32: Part 14 Configuring The Printer Setup

    Demo Printing Part 14 Configuring the Printer Setup Demo printing uses built-in data to demonstrate the type of tape label printing that can be performed by the printer. Important! The printer has a SET UP screen that you can use to configure a variety of •...
  • Page 33: Part 15 Reference

    Troubleshooting Part 15 Reference • • • • • Power Supply Nothing appears on the display. This section contains information about the Label Printer that you can use as reference when you need it. Possible Causes Action Page Battery power is low or Load a fresh set of AA-size alkaline Cleaning the Printer Head and Roller the wrong type of...
  • Page 34 • • • • • Printing Printer powers down while printing is in progress. Tape does not come out when PRINT is pressed. Possible Causes Action Page Battery power is low or Load a fresh set of AA-size alkaline Possible Causes Action Page the wrong type of...
  • Page 35: Error Messages/Display Messages

    • • • • • Tape Cutting Error Messages/Display Messages Cannot cut tape. Message Possible Causes Action Possible Causes Action Page TOO MANY • The number carriage • Use wider tape or reduce LINES! returns you input causes the number of lines. Tape cutter blade is dull.
  • Page 36 SET. If you do not error message, contact want to input a block your retailer or your mark, press ESC. nearest CASIO service INPUT A VALUE! • You are attempting to • Input the numbers you center. print numbering labels want.
  • Page 37 Message Possible Causes Action CLEARS INPUT • You pressed PRESET • To delete the text, press TEXT! while inputting text. SET. • If you do not want to SET/ESC delete the text, press ESC. MEMORY FULL! • There is not enough •...
  • Page 38: Alpha Characters

    Alpha Characters Symbols E-37...
  • Page 39: Frames

    Frames E-38...
  • Page 40: Layout Formats

    Layout Formats TAPE Width (mm) TAPE Width (mm) Maximum Maximum Type Format Input Item Type Format Input Item Number Number 24 18 12 24 18 12 CD/DVD TITLE mini DV TITLE TITLE TITLE – – – – COMMENT COMMENT TITLE TITLE COMMENT1 –...
  • Page 41: Numbering Formats

    Numbering Formats TAPE Width (mm) TAPE Width (mm) Maximum Type Format Input Item Type Format Input Item Number 24 18 12 24 18 12 CASSETTE TITLE 1 2 3 NUMBER TITLE – – COMMENT, COMMENT 1 2 3 NUMBER TITLE NUMBER, COMMENT1 –...
  • Page 42: Built-In Logos

    Built-in Logos PRICE Labels SIGN Labels E-41...
  • Page 43 WORK Labels ATTENTION E-42...
  • Page 44: Specifications

    Specifications Memory Text: 10 items Layout printing: 10 items Numbering: 10 items Model: KL-820 Bar code: 10 items Input General Keyboard Layout: Typewriter (QWERTY) Power supply: Six AA-size alkaline batteries or optional AD-A95100 AC adaptor Power consumption: 9W Character Types Auto Power Off: Approximately six minutes after last key operation.
  • Page 45 CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. 6-2, Hon-machi 1-chome Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-8543, Japan MO0806-A Printed in China/Imprimé en Chine...

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