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Part 2 Getting Ready; Power Supply; Replacing Batteries - Casio KL-120 User Manual

Casio kl-120 label printer user guide


Table of Contents
Part 2
Getting Ready
This part of the manual tells you how to load batteries and the tape cartridge,
and how to perform other basic setups for the Label Printer.
• Be sure to read this section before attempting to use the Label Printer.

Power Supply

The Label Printer can run on six AA-size alkaline batteries. Be sure to use
alkaline batteries only.

Replacing Batteries

A handy low battery power indicator lets you know when battery power is getting
too low for proper operation. The message "LOW BATTERY!" appears on the
display if battery power is low when you perform any of the following operations.
• Turn power on
• Execute a print operation
Whenever the "LOW BATTERY!" message appears, press SET to clear it from
the display. You should still be able to perform some Label Printer operations,
but some power intensive operations (like printing) may become impossible if
battery power is too low. In any case, you should replace batteries as soon as
possible after the "LOW BATTERY!" message appears.
• All data stored in memory is deleted whenever batteries go dead and when
you replace batteries. Be sure to keep written backup copies of all important
data (text and documents).
• Batteries can burst or leak and damage your unit if you do not use them
correctly. Note the following important points.
• Be sure that the plus (+) and minus (–) sides of each battery are facing correctly.
• Never mix batteries of different types.
• Never leave dead batteries in the Label Printer.
• Remove the batteries if you do not plan to use the Label Printer for a long
• Never use recharged batteries with the unit.
• Do not expose batteries to direct heat, do not short circuit them, and do not
try to take them apart.
• Keep batteries out of the reach of small children. If swallowed, consult
with a physician immediately.
Battery Life
• Printing of approximately four 18mm tape cartridges under standard print-
ing conditions*
* When printing text or graphics that contain large areas of black, and printing
under cold temperatures can shorten battery life.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents