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Using Rds (Radio Data System); (For Europe And Australia); Auto Memory); Using The Rds Disp. (Display) Key - Kenwood VRS-6200 Instruction Manual

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Using RDS (Radio Data System)

Before using a function utilizing the RDS, be sure to perform the RDS
Auto Memory operation by referring to the description in "Presetting
RDS stations (RDS AUTO MEMORY)".
RDS is a system that transmits useful information (in the form of digital
data) for FM broadcasts along with the broadcast signal. Tuners and
receivers designed for RDS reception can extract the information from
the broadcast signal for use with various functions, such as automatic
display of the station name.
RDS functions:
PTY (Program TYpe Identification) Search ¶
Automatically tunes to a station that is currently broadcasting the
specified program type (genre).
PS (Program Service Name) Display
Automatically displays the station name transmitted by the RDS
Automatically selects and stores up to 40 RDS stations in the preset
If fewer than 40 RDS stations have been stored in the preset memory,
regular FM stations will be stored in the remaining places.
Radio Text function
Displays the radio text data transmitted by some RDS stations when
you press the RDS DISP. (display) key. There is "NO RT" if no text data
is transmitted.
The "RDS" indicator lights up when an RDS broadcast (signal) is
Some functions and function names may differ for certain countries
and areas.
Presetting RDS stations (RDS AUTO MEMORY)
This function automatically stores up to 40 RDS stations in the preset
memory. In order to use the PTY function, the RDS stations must be
stored in the preset memory using the RDS Auto Memory function.
Use the INPUT SELECTOR key (or the TUNER key) to select
tuner as the source.

(For Europe and Australia)


Using the RDS DISP. (Display) key

Pressing the RDS DISP. key changes the contents of the display.
Use the BAND key to select the broadcast band to "FM".
Press the MEMORY key continuously for more than 2 sec-
onds will start AUTO MEMORY.
The "AUTO" display and "MEMORY" display appear alternately.
• After a few minutes, up to 40 RDS stations are preset in
order from channel "01".
• Stations already stored in the preset memory may be replaced by
RDS stations. (i.e., If the RDS AUTO MEMORY function detects 15
RDS stations, the stations currently preset at numbers 01~15 will
be replaced by the RDS stations.)
Each press switches the display mode as follows :
1 PS (Program Service name) display
2 RT (Radio Text) display
3 Frequency display
1 PS (Program Service name) display :
The station name is displayed automatically when an RDS
broadcast is received.
If no PS data was sent, "NO PS" is displayed.
2 RT (Radio Text) display :
Text data accompanying the RDS broadcast scrolls across the
display. "NO RT" or "RT ----" is displayed if the current RDS
station does not provide RT data.
3 Frequency display :
Displays the frequency of the current station.


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