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Connecting The Speaker Terminals - Kenwood VRS-6200 Instruction Manual

Audio video surround receiver
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Setting up the system

Connecting the speaker terminals

1 Strip coating.
2 Push the lever.
¶ Never short circuit the + and – speaker cords.
¶ If the left and right speakers are connected inversely or the
speaker cords are connected with reversed polarity, the sound
will be unnatural with ambiguous acoustic imaging. Be sure to
connect the speakers correctly.
Speaker impedance
After confirming the speaker impedance indications printed on the
rear panel of the receiver, connect speakers with matching imped-
ance ratings. Using speakers with a rated impedance other than that
indicated on the rear panel of the receiver could result in malfunctions
or damage to the speakers or receiver.
3 Insert the cord.
4 Return the lever.
Speaker placement
Subwoofer (SW)
speaker (L)
speaker (LS)
Surround back
speaker (LB)
Front speakers : Place the left and right speakers at each side of your TV.
Angle the speakers towards the listening area to enhance the stereo
Center speaker : Place front and center. This speaker stabilizes the
sound image and helps recreate sound motion. Required for surround
Surround speakers : Place the surround speakers as high as possible,
either directly to the sides of the listening area or else slightly behind
the listening area. Adjust the angles so that these speakers are facing
directly towards the listeners.
Subwoofer : Usually, place the subwoofer in the front center position in
the listening room, near one of the front speakers. (Since the subwoofer
has less directivity than other speakers, it can be placed almost in any
position that can offer the best low frequency reproduction according
to the room layout.)
Surround back speakers : Place the surround back speaker behind the
listening position, at the same height as the left and right surround
¶ Although the ideal surround system consists of all the speakers listed
above, if you don't have a center speaker or a subwoofer, you can
divide those signals between the available speakers in the speaker
settings steps to obtain the best possible surround reproduction from
the speakers you have available. ^
Center speaker (C)
speaker (R)
speaker (RS)
Surround back
speaker (RB)


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