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Display Dimmer Adjustment; Sleep Timer - Kenwood VRS-6200 Instruction Manual

Audio video surround receiver
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Convenient functions
Center Width mode
(Only when the input signal is a 2-channel signal in the DOLBY PRO
Center width adjustment allows you to enjoy an enhanced sound when
listening to music through center image from only center speaker, or left
and right speakers or various combinations adjustments.
1 Press the SOUND key repeatedly until the "CENTER
WIDTH" indication appears.
÷ When the center speaker is switched OFF, "CENTER WIDTH"
cannot be selected.
2 Use the MULTI CONTROL button (or the MULTI CONTROL
%/fi keys) to adjust the left-center-right output.
Center image will be heard from center speaker only.
Center image will be heard from left and right speakers only.
÷ When in other position, center image from center speaker,
left and right speakers can be heard simultaneously with
various combinations.
Midnight mode
(DOLBY DIGITAL and DTS mode only)
When watching movies at night , you might not be able to raise the
volume as loud as normal. Midnight mode compresses the dynamic
range of previously specified parts of the DOLBY DIGITAL or DTS sound
track (like scenes with sudden increases in volume) to minimize the
difference in volume between the specified and non-specified parts. This
makes it easy to hear all of the sound track, even when listening at low
1 Press the SOUND key repeatedly until the "NIGHT"
indication appears.
÷ This can be selected only if DVD, VIDEO or GAME (FRONT AUX)
is selected as the source and the listen mode is set to "DOLBY
2 Use the MULTI CONTROL button (or the MULTI CONTROL
%/fi keys) to select the "NIGHT ON" or "NIGHT OFF"
÷ The adjustment item is displayed for approximately 20 sec-
÷ Some DOLBY DIGITAL or DTS software may not be compat-
ible with the Midnight mode.

Display dimmer adjustment

The dimmer function lets you select the brightness of the receiver's
display. You might find this useful if you darken your room to watch
movies or listen to music.
1 If you want to use the remote control unit, press the
TUNER, VIDEO, AUX or GAME/F.AUX key on the remote
to set it to the receiver control mode.
2 Each time you press the DIMMER key, the display's
brightness changes among the three available settings.
Select the brightness level you find most pleasing.
1 Bright
2 Medium
3 Dark

Sleep timer

The sleep timer function turns the receiver OFF (to the standby mode)
automatically when the set timer period has elapsed. The sleep timer
period can be set in 10-minute steps up to 90 minutes.
Press the SLEEP key repeatedly until the desired period before
turning the receiver OFF (standby mode) is displayed.
÷ Each press increments the sleep timer period by 10 minutes.
10 = 20 = 30 ..... 70 = 80 = 90 = Cancel = 10 = 20 = ...
÷ Pressing the SLEEP key after the sleep timer has started
allows you to check the remaining time period.
÷ To cancel the sleep timer, turn the receiver OFF (standby
mode) or press the SLEEP key repeatedly until the sleep
timer indicator disappears.
The sleep timer indicator lights up


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