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Setting Up The System - Kenwood VRS-6200 Instruction Manual

Audio video surround receiver
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Setting up the system

Make sure that the power cord plug is disconnected from the AC wall
outlet before proceeding to connections. Also be sure to disconnect the
power cord plug from the AC wall outlet before changing connections.
For the connections of other system components, see pages 8 to 13.
When connecting an associated system component, be sure to read
its instruction manual.
Microcomputer malfunction
If operation is not possible or an erroneous display appears, even
though all connections have been made properly, reset the micro
computer referring to "In case of difficulty". fi
1. Be sure to turn off the system components before connecting them.
2. Be sure to insert every connection cable completely into the jack.
Incomplete connection may result in absence of audio output or
production of noise.
3. Be sure to disconnect the power cord from the AC wall outlet before
inserting or removing a connection cable.
4. Installation of outdoor antenna is a dangerous work. Please have your
dealer or a specialized technician install it.
Analog audio connections
Audio connections are made using RCA pin cords. These cables transfer
stereo audio signal in an "analog" form. This means the audio signal
corresponds to the actual audio of two channels. These cables usually
have 2 plugs on each end, one red for the right channel and one white for
the left channel.
These cables are to be prepared separately by the user.
Be sure to adhere to the following, or proper ventilation will be
blocked causing damage or fire hazard.
÷ Do not place any objects impairing heat radiation onto the top of
the unit.
÷ Leave some space around the unit (from the largest outside
dimension including projection) equal to or greater than, shown
Top panel
: 10 cm (3-15/16")
Side panel
: 10 cm (3-15/16")
Back panel
: 10 cm (3-15/16")
÷ Do not use the appliance on a bed, sofa, rug or similar surface.
Otherwise, absorption of dust may cause a fire hazard.
The power in this equipment will not be completely cut off from the wall
outlet when the power switch is turned off.
Install the equipment so that the wall outlet is easily accessible and, in
case of emergency, immediately unplug the power cord from the wall
Input mode settings
DVD, VIDEO and GAME (FRONT AUX) inputs each include jacks for
digital audio input and analog audio input.
The initial factory settings for audio signal playback for DVD, VIDEO
and GAME (FRONT AUX) are full auto.
After completing connections and turning on the receiver, follow the
steps below.
Input selector keys
1 Use the INPUT SELECTOR key (or input selector keys)
to select DVD, VIDEO or GAME (FRONT AUX).
2 Press the INPUT MODE key.
Each press switches the setting as follows:
1 "F-AUTO": Auto detect
("AUTO DETECT" indicator lights up)
2 "D-MANUAL": Fixed to digital input
("DIGITAL" indicator lights up)
3 "ANALOG": Fixed to analog input
("AUTO DETECT", "DIGITAL" indicator goes off)
Can not be selected for DTS playback.
Auto detect:
In "F-AUTO (FULL AUTO)" mode ("AUTO DETECT" indicator light
up), the receiver detects the digital or analog input signals
automatically. The receiver will select the input mode and listen-
ing mode automatically during playback to match the type of input
signal (Dolby Digital, PCM, DTS) and the speaker setting. º
The "DIGITAL" indicator lights up when a digital signal is detected.
The "DIGITAL" indicator is extinguished when no digital signal is
Fixed to digital input:
Select this mode if you want to keep the decoding condition
(Dolby Digital, DTS, PCM, etc.) in the current listen mode.
When "D-MANUAL (DIGITAL MANUAL)" mode is selected, the
set listen modes may be changed automatically depending on the
input signal. º
Fixed to analog input:
Select this setting to play analog signals from a VCR, etc.
If the INPUT MODE key is pressed quickly, sound may not be
produced. Press the INPUT MODE key again.


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