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Working With Detergent - Kärcher K 5.20 M Operating Instructions Manual

Karcher pressure washer user manual
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Drawing in water from open reservoirs
This high-pressure cleaner is suited to work
with the Kärcher suction hose with backflow
valve (Optional accessory, order no. 4.440-
238) to draw in surface water, e.g. from wa-
ter butts or ponds (see specifications for
max. suction height).
Screw the water filter on the water con-
nection of the device.
Fill the Kärcher suction hose with back-
flow valve with water, screw to water
supply and hang into he water butt.
Remove air from appliance before oper-
Switch on the appliance without mount-
ed spray lance and run it until the water
discharging from the trigger gun is free
of bubbles. Switch off appliance and
connect spray lance.
Start up
Use the high pressure cleaner only when
you have mounted the water filter.
Never operate the high-pressure cleaner
when the tap is turned off as dry running will
damage the high-pressure pump.
Connect the high pressure hose to the
high pressure connection of the appli-
Push the spray lance into the trigger
gun and fasten it by turning it through
Completely open the water tap.
Insert the mains plug into the socket.
Turn on the appliance "I/ON".
The trigger gun is subjected to a recoil force
when the water jet is discharged. Make
sure that you have a firm footing and are
also holding the trigger gun and spray lance
Unlock the lever on the trigger gun.
Pull on the lever of the trigger gun; the
device will switch on.
Note: Release the lever of the trigger gun;
the device will switch off again. High pres-
sure remains in the system.
Spray lance with pressure regulation
Carrying out the most common cleaning
tasks. The work pressure can be stageless-
ly regulated between "Min" and "Max".
Release the lever on the trigger gun.
Turn the spray lance to the desired po-
Spray lance with dirt blaster
For particularly dirty items or areas.
Not suitable for use with detergents.

Working with detergent

We recommend the Kärcher cleaning and
care program that will match the respective
cleaning requirements. Please seek con-
sultation or request information on the sub-
Pull detergent suction hose as far as is
required out of the housing.
Suspend end of detergent suction hose
in a container filled with detergent.
Use spray lance with pressure regula-
tion (Vario Power).
Turn the spray lance to "Mix" position.
Note: This will mix the detergent with
the water stream.
Recommended cleaning method
Spray the detergent sparingly on the
dry surface and allow it to react, but not
to dry.
Spray off loosened dirt with the high-
pressure ray.

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