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Maintenance And Care; Interrupting Operation; Finish Operation; Frost Protection - Kärcher K 5.20 M Operating Instructions Manual

Karcher pressure washer user manual
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Interrupting operation

Release the lever on the trigger gun.
Lock the lever on the trigger gun.
During longer breaks (more than 5 min-
utes), also turn the appliance off using
the "0/OFF" switch.

Finish operation

After working with detergent, suspend
detergent suction hose in a container
filled with clear water, switch the appli-
ance on for around 1 minute once the
spray lance has been removed and
rinse until water runs clear.
Release the lever on the trigger gun.
Turn off the appliance "0/OFF".
Turn off tap.
Detach the appliance from the water
Press the lever on the trigger gun to re-
lease any remaining pressure in the
Lock the lever on the trigger gun.
Pull out the mains plug.
Roll up the power cord and loop it e.g.
round the handle.
Stow away the accessories in the ac-
cessory holder.

Maintenance and care

Turn off the appliance and remove the
mains plug prior to any care and mainte-
nance work.
The appliance is maintenance-free.
Prior to longer periods of storage, e.g. in
the winter:
Completely drain all water from the ap-
pliance: Switch the appliance on with
detached high-pressure hose and de-
tached water supply (max. 1 minute)
and wait, until no more water exits at the
high-pressure connection. Turn off the
Remove filter from suction hose for de-
tergent and clean under running water.
Pull out the sieve in the water connec-
tion using flat-nose pliers and clean un-
der running water.

Frost protection

Protect the appliance and its accessories
against frost.
The appliance and its accessories can get
destroyed through frost if there are any wa-
ter residues in them. To avoid damage to
Store the appliance and the entire ac-
cessories in a frost-safe room.
Spare parts
Use only original Kärcher spare parts. You
will find a list of spare parts at the end of
these operating instructions.

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