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General Information; Environmental Protection - Kärcher K 5.20 M Operating Instructions Manual

Karcher pressure washer user manual
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General information

Hazard levels
Immediate danger that can cause severe
injury or even death.
Possible hazardous situation that could
lead to severe injury or even death.
Possible hazardous situation that could
lead to mild injury to persons or damage to
Proper Use
This high-pressure cleaner is designed for
domestic use only:
– to clean machines, vehicles, buildings,
tools, facades, terraces, garden equip-
ment etc. using a high-pressure water
jet (and detergents if required).
– with accessories, replacement parts
and detergents approved by Kärcher.
Observe the instructions provided with
these detergents.

Environmental protection

The packaging material can be recy-
cled. Please do not place the packag-
ing into the ordinary refuse for
disposal, but arrange for the proper
Old appliances contain valuable ma-
terials that can be recycled. Please
arrange for the proper recycling of old
appliances. Please dispose your old
appliances using appropriate collec-
tion systems
The warranty terms published by our com-
petent sales company are applicable in
each country. We will repair potential fail-
ures of your appliance within the warranty
period free of charge, provided that such
failure is caused by faulty material or de-
fects in fabrication. In the event of a warran-
ty claim please contact your dealer or the
nearest authorized Customer Service cent-
er. Please submit the proof of purchase.
(See address on the reverse)
Safety Devices
Safety devices protect the user and must
not be modified or bypassed.
Power switch
The appliance switch prevents unintention-
al operation of the appliance.
Lock trigger gun
This lock locks the lever of the trigger gun
and prevents the inadvertent start of the ap-

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