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Replacing The Filter Box; Seal; Checking Traction Belt; Changing Fuses - Kärcher KM 100 R B Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating instructions
! Pull out handle of filter bracket to
limit and engage it
! Take out finned filter
! Insert the new filter
! On the drive side, engage the
carrier into the holes
! Re-engage the handle of filter
Make sure when mounting the new
filter that the lamella are not
KM 100/100 R B / KM 100/100 R LPG

Replacing the filter box


Remove filter box seal from the
groove in the unit cover and insert
the new seal

Checking traction belt

The engine takes approx. 3...4 s to
run down after being shut off.
Never enter operating area during
this period!
! Turn ignition key to "0" and
remove it
! Open unit cover, engage stay bar
Check round belts and V-belts for
tightness, wear and damage

Changing fuses

The drive control electronics are
beneath the front covering.
The front covering must be removed
when a fuse needs replacing.
! Unscrew the screws at both sides
of the covering
— See interior for fuse allocation
— Use only fuses with the same
current rating
! Replacing blown fuses
! Refasten front covering

Fault instructions

Machine will not start
! Sit on the driver seat
! Fill up fuel or change gas cylinder
! Check the petrol- and gas-line
system, connections and joints
! Charge the battery
! Check and clean spark plugs,
replace if necessary
! Notify the Kärcher service station
Engine runs erratically
! Clean or replace the air cleaner
! Check the petrol- and gas-line
system, connections and joints
! Notify the Kärcher service station
Motor running but machine not
! Check position of freewheel lever
! Notify the Kärcher service station
Engine runs, but machine only
moves slowly
! Warm up the machine for
approx. 3 min. at temperatures
below zero
! Notify the Kärcher service station
Machine not sweeping properly
! Check main brush and side brush
for wear, replace them, if
! Check the operation of the
coarse-dirt flap
! Check sealing strips for wear,
adjust or replace them as
! Check (sweeping) hydraulic
system for leaks
! Check the seal on the vacuum
! Notify the Kärcher service station


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