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Adjusting And Replacing; Sealing Strips; Replace The Dust Filter - Kärcher KM 100 R B Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating instructions

Adjusting and replacing

sealing strips

! Stand sweeper on a flat surface
! Raise the sweep roller
! Turn ignition key to "0" and
remove it
! Secure the machine against
rolling away using a wedge
! Remove the debris container
from both sides of the unit
! Screw off side panelling on both
! Unscrew front screw of side
! Unscrew rear screws of side
KM 100/100 R B / KM 100/100 R LPG
Front sealing strip
! Slightly loosen fastening nut at
the front sealing strip, unscrew it
to replace it
! Screw on new sealing strip but
do not yet tighten nuts
! Align the sealing strip
! Set the sealing strip's clearance
to the floor so that it bends
backwards with a lag of
35 - 40 mm
! Tighten nuts
Rear sealing strip
! The floor clearance of the sealing
strip is set so that it bends
backward with a lag of 5 - 10
! Replace if worn
! Dismantle the sweeping drum
! Unscrew fastening nuts of the
rear sealing strip
! Screw on new sealing strip
Side sealing strips
! Slightly loosen fastening nuts of
the side sealing strip, unscrew
them to replace it
! Screw on new sealing strip but
do not yet tighten nuts
! In order to set the clearance to
the floor slide in the 1 - 2 mm
! Align the sealing strip
! Tighten nuts
! Screw on side panelling
! Insert the swept material

Replace the dust filter

! Empty the debris container prior
to beginning work on replacing
the dust filter
! Wear a dust protection mask
when working on the filter system
! Observe the safety precautions
for handling fine dust
! Open unit cover, engage stay bar


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