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Risk Of Overturning On Too High Gradients; Risk Of Overturning When Taking Bends Rapidly; Danger Of Tipping Over; Given An Unstable Travelling - Kärcher KM 100 R B Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating instructions
In the parking- and storage rooms
as well as repair shops
! Power gas and LPG cylinders
must be stored in compliance
with TRF 69 (LPG Technical
Regulations) instructions.
! Gas cylinders are to be stored
standing up. Open fire and
smoking in the storage location of
containers and during repairs is
not permitted. Access to
cylinders stored outside must be
prevented. Empty cylinders must
be closed.
! It is not permitted to park gas-
powered vehicles in the same
room as generator vehicles
(vehicles with an alternator).
! The cylinder and main shut-off
valves are to be immediately
closed following adjustment of
the vehicle.
! The regulations of the German
garage by-laws and the
concerned Land construction by-
laws apply to the location and
structure of adjusting bays for
LPG-powered vehicles.
! The gas cylinders must be stored
in rooms separate from the
parking rooms (see UVV 45,
VBG 21, appendix 2).
! The hand lamps used in the
rooms must have a closed,
sealed globe and provided with a
strong basket protector.
! When working in repair shops the
cylinders- and main stop valves
are to be closed and the fuel gas
cylinders protected from heat.
KM 100/100 R B / KM 100/100 R LPG
! Prior to breaks and stopping work
for the day a responsible person
must check that all valves, in
particular cylinder valves, are
closed. It is not permitted to carry
out work involving flames, in
particular welding and cutting,
near power gas cylinders. Fuel
gas cylinders, even when empty,
may not be stored in workshops.
! The parking- and storage rooms
as well as the repair shops must
be well ventilated. It must be
noted that liquid petroleum gases
are heavier than air. It collects on
the floor, in work pits and other
floor cavities and explosive
gas-air-mixtures can form there.
Risk of overturning on too
high gradients!
The machine could topple over
when driving and turning on slopes.
— Drive only on slopes up to 18 %
in the travelling direction.
— At right angles to direction of
travel only negotiate gradients up
to a maximum of 15 %.
Risk of overturning when
taking bends rapidly!
The machine can topple-over when
driving fast around curves.
! Drive slowly in curves.

Danger of tipping over

given an unstable travelling

The machine can tip over given an
unstable travelling surface.
! Move the machine exclusively on
a solid travelling surface.
Danger of tipping over

given a sideways incline

that is too large!

The machine can tip over given an
incline of more than 15 %.

For our environment

Caution, danger to the
environment from used
Do not dispose of exhausted
batteries as ordinary household
! Ensure environmentally
compatible disposal.
Caution, danger to the

environment from engine

or hydraulic oil!

! Take spent oil after an oil change
to an oil collecting point or a
waste disposal company.

Intended use

— This sweeping machine is
designed for sweeping surfaces
in outdoor areas.
— It is not intended for use on
public traffic routes.
— It is not suitable for health-
hazardous dusts.

Function description -

sweeping machine
The KM 100/100 R B and
KM 100/100 R LPG sweepers work
according to the throw-over
— The side brush (3) cleans corners
and edges of the sweeping
surface and transports the dirt in
the path of the main brush.
— The rotating main brush (4)
transports the dirt directly into the
debris container (5).
— The dust swirled up in the
container is separated by way of
the dust filter (2) and the filtered,
clean air removed by the suction
turbine (1).

Control elements

1. Steering wheel
2. Raising/lowering coarse-dirt flap
3. Forward driving/reversing drive
1. Raising/lowering main brush
2. Raise/lower side brush
3. Cold start (choke) (applies only to
KM 100/100 R B)
3. Cold start (remote button)
(applies only to KM
100/100 R LPG)
4. Ignition switch
5. Elapsed-time meter
6. Horn


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