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Personal Speed Dials - Alcatel ENTERPRISE 4029 User Manual

Alcatel enterprise 4029
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Press Divert key and scroll down and select Deactivate

Personal Speed Dials

To programme personal speed dials, Scroll down while in your personal screen
.Select a free key...
Select speed dial, enter the required number including 0 for your outside line, select
apply. Enter the name in Label and select apply.
To dial out speed dial number
Scroll down in your personal screen and select the name you wish to call.
To make a conference call
Dial First number, when answered select new call, dial 2nd number. When
answered, scroll down and select conference.
Voicemail set-up
Press your flashing mail key, select voicemail, record your name and enter a new 4
digit code.
To record your personal greeting
Press your mail key, select voicemail, and enter 0000. Record your name, message
and enter a new 4 digit code.
To retrieve your voice messages
Press your flashing mail key, select voicemail, enter your 4 digit code, and follow
11- To listen
7- To erase message
9- To save message
0- More Options
To transfer a caller to voicemail
While caller is on the line, dial 8 followed by the extension number and press
transfer on screen immediately.
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