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Alcatel 4028 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise
Alcatel 4028/4029


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise Alcatel 4028/4029...
  • Page 3: User Manual

    User manual Introduction How to use this guide Thank you for choosing a telephone from the 4028/4029 range manufactured by Alcatel. Your 4028 (IP)/4029 (digital) terminal has a new ergonomic layout for more effective communication. Actions Keypad Lift the receiver.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Getting to know your telephone ....... . p. 6 Keeping in touch .
  • Page 6: Getting To Know Your Telephone

    Getting to know your telephone Display and display keys Contains several lines and pages providing information on calls and the features accessible via the 10 keys associated with the words on the screen. Forward icon: pressing the key next to this icon allows you to program or change the forward feature. Indicator light •...
  • Page 7: Description Of The Screens

    Description of the screens Main page: contains call line keys (allowing supervision of calls) and programmable call keys. The up-down navigator is used to access all the direct call keys (apart from those displayed by default). Direct call keys are programmed or Welcome screens modified via the Information key.
  • Page 8: Call Management Screen

    Description of the screens Call management screen Application screen Date Incoming call icon Time and status icon Date Application name Time and status icon Tue 16 jan 2004 Call holding icon Call in progress icon Application screen Incoming call presenta- tion screen.
  • Page 9: Using Your Telephone

    Using your telephone Making a call Answering a call Paul is calling dial the lift the number lift the handsfree press the key next to the number for receiver required receiver 'incoming call' icon your call Using the telephone in 'handsfree' mode Terminal idle: handsfree number...
  • Page 10: Activating The Speaker During A Conversation (Receiver Lifted)

    Using your telephone Activating the speaker during a conversation (receiver lifted) -Speaker Make calls via your programmed call keys pers. Main 10:30 10:30 PERS. Main Helen the speaker key flashes Paul 00:23' you are in activate speaker access the 'Main' select the party you call the selected party conversation...
  • Page 11: Requesting Automatic Callback If Internal Number Is Busy

    Using your telephone Requesting automatic callback if internal number is busy Mute, so that your correspondent cannot hear you 2.10 2.13 You can hear your correspondent but he/she cannot hear you: Call back Internal number is busy callback request acknowledged The key lights up Paul 00:23'...
  • Page 12: During A Call

    During a call Making a second call during a conversation Answering a second call during a conversation During a call, you can call a second person (consultation call): A second correspondent is trying to call you: 10:30 h old menu main info Paul...
  • Page 13: Transferring A Call

    During a call Transferring a call Talk simultaneously to more than 2 correspondents To transfer your call to another number: You are in a conference call with 2 correspondents. To add another correspondent to the conference: transfer transfer Paul Paul John 00:23' Call back 00:23...
  • Page 14: Placing An Outside Call On Hold (Parking)

    During a call Common hold: To recover the parked call: To recover your call on any telephone in your system. call Park/retrieve To automatically take the parked call, pick up the handset of the parking destination set. On hold Paul 00:23' Custo Services...
  • Page 15: Adjust Audio Volume

    During a call Adjust audio volume 3.10 During a call, to adjust the volume level of the speaker or receiver: Paul in conversation you are in adjust audio volume conversation with the destination number...
  • Page 16: Sharing

    Sharing Answering a night or a general bell Individual pick-up You hear a telephone ringing in an office where no-one can answer. If authorised, you can answer the call on your own telephone. call pickup Night service If the telephone ringing is in your own pick-up group: When the attendant is absent, outside calls to the attendant are indicated by a general bell.
  • Page 17: Hunting Groups

    Sharing Hunting groups Calling an internal correspondent on his/her pager Hunting group call: The number called does not answer and you know that the person called has a pager: Certain numbers can form a hunting group and can be called by dialling the group number. Paging number called number called...
  • Page 18: Calling A Correspondent On His/Her Speaker

    Sharing Calling a correspondent on his/her speaker Sending a copy of a voice message Your internal correspondent does not answer. If authorised, you can remotely activate your correspondent’s phone: new voice Consult Display shows the number of new and old messages message StSpkr announ.
  • Page 19: Broadcasting A Message On The Speakers Of A Station Group

    Sharing Broadcasting a message on the speakers of a station group 4.11 A message not requiring an answer can be broadcast on the speakers within your broadcast group: speak, you have 20 seconds number of broadcast group The message will only be broadcast on terminals not in use and which have a speaker.
  • Page 20: Keeping In Touch

    Keeping in touch Call back Save Exit Forwarding calls to another number (immediate diversion) call sender of archive the message terminate consultation The number can be your home, portable or car phone, voice message or an internal extension (attendant, etc.). message Immediate Forwarding calls to your pager...
  • Page 21: Applying A Selective Diversion

    Keeping in touch Applying a selective diversion Forwarding calls when your line is busy (forward if busy) You can forward your primary number and your secondary number or numbers to different sets. Forward on busy Callers will thus be able to contact you while you are moving around the company: Custo Services Consultation...
  • Page 22: Leaving A Recorded Message For Internal Callers

    Keeping in touch Leaving a recorded message for internal callers 5.11 You can leave a message on your terminal which will be displayed on the screen of the terminal calling you. New text mess a Fwd to text Predf message To complete select a predefined message select a predefined message to complete...
  • Page 23: Managing Your Charges

    Managing your charges Charging your calls directly to business accounts You can charge the cost of your outside calls to business account numbers. Custo Services reach the 'Menu' page Consultation Additional Business accou n services code number of number required business account Finding out the cost of an outside call made for an internal user from...
  • Page 24: Programming Your Telephone

    Programming your telephone Initializing your voice mailbox Modify the password for your phone set Enter your personal code, then record Custo My phone Password Light flashes your name following the voice guide instructions reach the 'Menu' page Your personal code is used to access your voice mailbox and to lock your telephone. Apply old code new code...
  • Page 25: Adjusting The Audio Features

    Programming your telephone Adjust ringer volume while a call arrives Adjusting the audio features Paul is calling Custo My phone Ringing your telephone adjusting the ringer volume: rings reach the 'Menu' page Adjusting screen brightness Choose the tune: Custo My set Cntrst Melody reach the 'Menu'...
  • Page 26: Selecting Language

    Programming your telephone Selecting language Programming an appointment reminder 7.10 You can define the time of a temporary reminder (one in 24 hours) or a permanent reminder (every day at the same time). Custo My phone Lang Appointment reach the 'Menu' page reach the 'Menu' enter time of appointment...
  • Page 27: Lock / Unlock Your Telephone

    Programming your telephone Lock / unlock your telephone Create, modify or consult your intercom list (max. 10 numbers) 7.12 7.15 Lock your telephone is Custo Services locked/unlocked reach the 'Menu' depending the displayed reach the 'Menu' page informations, enter your page password or confirm Interphone...
  • Page 28: Compliance

    Independently of the legal warranty that covers this appliance, it is Declaration of compliance guaranteed for 1 year, parts and labour, counting from the date indicated We, Alcatel Business Systems, hereby declare that we assume the Alcatel on your invoice. 4028/4029 product to be compliant with the essential requirements of The invoice will be demanded if making a claim under the warranty.

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