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Removing Touch Control Boards; Touch Control Board Wiring - Electrolux E36IC75FSS Service Manual

Icon designer series 36” induction drop-in cooktop
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The cooking zone touch control boards and main
control board are secured to the cooktop glass by
a metal cover plate (Fig 22). To access the controls
remove the nuts that secure the plate to the cooktop
The touch control board for the Left Front and Left
Rear cook zones is identical to the Center and
Right Rear cook zone control board. The control
board for the Right Front cook zone includes the
main power control and minute timer. Each wire
harness connecting the three touch control boards is
replaced as a separate component.
After removing the metal cover plate lift off the nylon
spacers found on the threaded studs (Fig 22B).
Gently lift the touch control boards off the studs and
away from the glass assembly. The individual touch
control boards and wire harnesses can now be
serviced or replaced.
The photo below illustrates the wiring connections between the Cook Zone controls and the Main
Power Control. Note that on the main power control edge connectors X4 & X5 are identical. Either of
these can be used to connect the cable from the fi lter board. Edge connector X3 is not used.
Fig. 22C
Left Front & Left Rear
Cook Zone Control

Removing Touch Control Boards

Touch Control Board Wiring

Cable from Filter Board
to Edge Connector
Center & Right Rear
Cook Zone Control
Page 22
Touch Control Cover
Touch Controls With Cover Plate Removed
X4 or X5
Main Power & Right Front
Cook Zone Control
Fig. 22
Fig. 22A
Fig. 22B
Nylon Spacer
Edge Connector X3
(Not Used)

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