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The Home Page; Home Page Information - Motorola Netopia Administrator's Handbook

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Administrator's Handbook

The Home Page

Home Page for a Wi-Fi model

Home Page Information

The Home page displays information about the following categories:
Connection Information
Router Information
Local Network
Restart Connection – For a PPPoE connection, clicking this button will bring down any PPPoE WAN connec-
tion that is up and resend your current PPPoE login credentials and reestablish your Internet connection.
For a DHCP connection, clicking this button will release and renew the DHCP lease from your service pro-
vider's DHCP server, which assigns your local WAN IP address.
Connect – Only displays if you are not connected. For a PPPoE connection, clicking this button will allow you
to attempt to login using a different User ID and Password.
Disconnect – Only for a PPPoE connection, clicking this button will disconnect you from the Internet until you
choose to reestablish your connection manually.
Click the
link in the left-hand column of links to display a page of explanatory information. Help is available
for every page in the Web interface. See
"Help" on page 44



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