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Would You Like To Make A Beautiful Automatic Buttonhole?; Fine-adjustment - ELNA TX Instruction Manual

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Table of Contents
Would you like to make a beautiful
automatic buttonhole?
When making this 4 mm (3/16") wide buttonhole,
3 Sew the first side. Stop sewing when the slide
there is no need to turn the work around the needle.
stops. Raise the needle.
" Make sure that the stitch width dial is set at "0"
4 Turn the stitch width dial to 2, blue. Sew a few
stitches. Raise the needle.
Slide the selector to zigzag
5 Turn the stitch width dial to 3, blue. Sew the
" Turn the stitch width and length dials to
second side, Stop sewing when the slide stops.
"Buttonhole", marked in blue.
Raise the needle.
1 Use the sole with a slide for the buttonhole.
6 Turn the stitch width dial to 4, blue. Sew a few
With the foot raised, pull the slide towards you, as
stitches. Raise the needle.
far as it will go (a).
7 Turn the stitch width dial to "',
blue. Sew a few
Place one of the buttons for the garment (or a
stitches, holding back the material by hand.
button of the same size) on the slide, in front of
the foot, then push and screw the stop-screw (b)
8 Open the buttonhole.
against the button. Remove the button. The slide
will stop automatically when the length of the
buttonhole corresponding to the size of the button
Depending on the fabric, the length of the zigzag can
is reached.
be corrected as follows:
2 N.B. Buttonholes can also be sewn or repaired
by turning the stitch length dial towards "0", the
without placing a button on the slide. The user
zigzag becomes closer,
keeps a check on the length of the buttonhole
by turning the stitch length dial away from "0", the
herself and stops sewing when the required length
g cestmore open.
Is reached.
zigzag becomes more open.
In this case, mark the length of the buttonhole on
Important: When sewing thick woollen or stretch
the material. Place the work under the foot with
fabrics, slide a piece of paper underneath, between
the mark In the middle of the foot, the start being
the feed-dog and the fabric to ensure that the
just beneath the needle. Lower the foot.
buttonhole will be sewn correctly. Remove the paper
(by tearing it off) after the buttonhole has been sewn.


Table of Contents

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