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Putting The Bobbin In Place And Threading The Lower Thread - ELNA TX Instruction Manual

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Table of Contents
Putting the Bobbin in Place and
3 Continue to hold back the bobbin. By pulling the
Threading the Lower Thread
thread and pressing it downwards with the index
finger, It will snap into the tension device.
There is no bobbin case,
The bobbin Is placed direct In the rotary hook, i.e.:
4 Immediately check that the thread will not
1 Open the rotary hook cover by pushing it to the
come out of the tension device. When it is
back, as far as it will go. Drop the bobbin into the
pulled gently upwards, it should not come
rotary hook, holed side upwards.
out of the slit (2-a). If by chance it should
do so, repeat the operations as explained
2 Hold back the bobbin with the left index finger.
under 2 and 3. Pull about 15 cm of thread
Slide the thread into the slit (a). Bring it around to
out towards the rear.
the front, at the angle Illustrated (b).


Table of Contents

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