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Elementary Sewing; Straight Sewing Forwards; Removing The Work; You Can Change The Needle Position For Straight Sewing - ELNA TX Instruction Manual

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Table of Contents
Elementary Sewing
Straight Sewing backwards
Make sure that the coupling knob has been tightened
5 For continuous sewing backwards, turn the stitch
length dial to the stitch symbols "---". It is possible
Use the sewing foot (see page 8).
to sew stitches backwards in various lengths.
Always place material under the foot and lower
the foot before running a threaded machine.
Removing the Work
6 To remove the work, first turn the flywheel by
hand, towards you, to raise the thread take-up
lever to its highest position. This Is essential to
complete the stitch pattern. It Is also Important
because it ensures that the next seam can be
Straight Sewing forwards
easily. Raise the presser bar lever (foot).
Leave the stitch width dial at 0".
Pull the material out towards the rear and cut the
threads with the thread cutter on the presser bar.
2 Set the stitch length dial at between 1 and 2,
depending on the length required (green zone up
Changing the Bobbin
to 2).
7 With the foot raised, pull the bobbin extractor
(which is situated just above the rotary hook)
To start sewing, lower the needle Into the material
down into the centre hole of the bobbin; when It is
and hold back the two threads by hand while
released, the bobbin is removed automatically
sewing the first two or three stitches.
3 You will then sew a straight seam with stitches 1 to
You can change the needle position for
2 mm long (in the green zone), but you can also
straight sewing
sew stitches between 2 and 4 mm long by turning
With the stitch width dial set at "0", the straight seam
the dial beyond the green zone, to the
Is In the centre (a).
corresponding figures - and depending on the
work and on the fabric.
By turning the stitch width dial to -- A-, the seam is
decentred to the right (b).
By turning the stitch width dial In the opposite direc-
tion to
the seam is decentred to the left (c).
Any other intermediate position is also possible.
To sew
This is very practical for sewing the rims of collars,
cuffs, zip fasteners, see also pages 36-37.
4 Guide the material only with your fingers, along the
If you want to darn, see pages 34-35.
side of the foot, without holding it back (4). (Do not
pull the material from the rear). At the same time,
For technical reasons, the stitch lengths are
carefully observe the seam. You can thus keep an
the following when decentring the seam:
eye on your sewing and avoid the risk of pricking
- decentred to the right - approx. 1, 2, 3, 4
your fingers accidentally.
decentred to the left
approx. 1 'A 214 31,% 4.


Table of Contents

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