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Bosch MIC440 Operation Manual

Explosion-protected camera
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MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera
Operation Manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera MIC440 Operation Manual...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Parts List Additional Products Required Additional Tools Required Product Description Installation of a MIC440 Camera Mounting the Conduit Gland and Cable PSU Installation and Setup in a Non-Hazardous Area PSU Installation and Setup in a Hazardous Area MIC Power Supply Unit Extension...
  • Page 4: En | Table Of Contents

    | Table of Contents MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Technical data Appendices 18.1 MIC440 Common Features by Protocol 2013.11 | 8.1 | Operation Manual Bosch Security Systems, Inc.
  • Page 5: About This Manual

    Systems accepts no liability for damage resulting directly or indirectly from faults, incompleteness or discrepancies between the user guide and the product described. Copyright This user manual is the intellectual property of Bosch Security Systems, Inc. and is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. Trademarks All hardware and software product names used in this document are likely to be registered trademarks and must be treated accordingly.
  • Page 6: Safety

    (NEC)), Canadian Electrical Code, Part I (also called CE Code or CSA C22.1), ® and all applicable local codes. Bosch Security Systems, Inc. accepts no liability for any damages or losses caused by incorrect or improper installation. 2013.11 | 8.1 | Operation Manual Bosch Security Systems, Inc.
  • Page 7: Important Notices

    – Do not point the camera at the sun. Bosch Security Systems will not be liable for any damage to cameras that have been pointed directly at the sun. –...
  • Page 8 Please dispose of these devices at your local communal waste collection point or at a recycling center. Environmental statement - Bosch has a strong commitment towards the environment. This unit has been designed to respect the environment as much as possible.
  • Page 9 The power supplies have an IP65 rating and are suitable for outside installation; however, for security reasons, Bosch recommends that they are installed in a suitable equipment cabinet. The camera is sealed to IP68 and can be used safely in damp environments or outdoors, as long as the base cable connector is suitably sealed.
  • Page 10 | Safety MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Notice! Ce produit est un appareil de Classe A. Son utilisation dans une zone résidentielle risque de provoquer des interférences. Le cas échéant, l’utilisateur devra prendre les mesures nécessaires pour y remédier. FCC & ICES Information (U.S.A.
  • Page 11: Safety Information Specific To Explosion Protection

    MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Safety | en Interference Problems (Comment identifier et résoudre les problèmes d’interférences de radio et de télévision). Cette brochure est disponible auprès du U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402, États-Unis, sous la référence n° 004-000-00345-4. UL Disclaimer Underwriter Laboratories Inc.
  • Page 12: Customer Support And Service

    RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) 2011/65/EC – WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) 2002/96/EC Customer Support and Service If this unit needs service, contact the nearest Bosch Security Systems Service Center for authorization to return and shipping instructions. Service Centers Telephone: 800-366-2283 or 585-340-4162 Fax: 800-366-1329 Email:
  • Page 13: Unpacking

    The original packing carton is the safest container in which to transport the unit and must be used if returning the unit for service. Save it for possible future use. Caution! Take extra care lifting or moving MIC440 cameras because of their weight (15.5 kg (34.17 lb)). Parts List...
  • Page 14: Additional Tools Required

    These power supply units are NOT explosion-proof and must be installed outside of the hazardous environment. Additional Tools Required The following table lists additional tools (not supplied by Bosch) that are or may be required to install a MIC camera: Quantity Part...
  • Page 15: Product Description

    (upright or inverted) to achieve the perfect field of view. MIC440 cameras meet the requirements of ATEX Directive 94/9/ EC Exd IIC T6 and CSA Class I, Division 1, Groups CD, Class II, Division 1, Groups EFG, T6 for safe use in explosive atmospheres such as those found in oil, gas, chemical processing sites, and petrochemical refineries.
  • Page 16: Installation Of A Mic440 Camera

    -20 °C to +60 ºC and must not be used outside this range. While a MIC440 camera is certified for installation in a hazardous area, its power supply unit (PSU) is not. The PSU itself can be installed in either a non-hazardous area or in a hazardous area.
  • Page 17: Psu Installation And Setup In A Non-Hazardous Area

    Installation of a MIC440 Camera | en PSU Installation and Setup in a Non-Hazardous Area The figure below illustrates an installation of a MIC PSU for MIC440 in a non-hazardous area. Note that the camera itself is installed in a hazardous area.
  • Page 18 Exd enclosure. The figure below illustrates a typical installation of both a MIC440 and a MIC PSU in a hazardous area. Note that the PSU is installed inside an enclosure that is certified for use in hazardous areas.
  • Page 19: Mic Power Supply Unit Extension

    MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Installation of a MIC440 Camera | en MIC Power Supply Unit Extension Users can extend the distance between their MIC camera and the MIC PSU by using two junction boxes (user-supplied). The boxes must be weatherproof or explosion-proof, depending on the model and the physical location of the box.
  • Page 20 | Installation of a MIC440 Camera MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Figure 5.3: MIC PSU Extension with two (2) user-supplied junction boxes (weatherproof or explosion-proof, depending on model and physical location) Head-end control system Standard cables and power MIC PSU Standard MIC composite cable (2 meters MAXIMUM)* inside metal conduit First user-supplied Junction Box (weatherproof or explosion-proof).
  • Page 21: Electrical Connections

    For installations that require the camera to be more than 25 m from the power supply, Bosch recommends that a 2 m cable be connected to a junction box (Exd rated for MIC440) from which telemetry, video, and power can be broken out into separate cables and appropriate wiring used to extend the distance to suit.
  • Page 22 In 2 wire Half Duplex mode (RS-485), the Rx pins are used to transmit data to the MIC440. The washer connections can be used to operate a relay in the power supply unit, which in turn can activate a pump.
  • Page 23: Select The Mounting Location And Orientation

    MIC Series cameras are designed for easy installation in various locations such as directly onto buildings and dedicated CCTV poles. Bosch sells a complete series of mounting brackets designed to allow the camera to achieve the optimal field of view.
  • Page 24 | Select the Mounting Location and Orientation MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Figure 7.2: Typical wall mount (from left: Wall Mount Bracket (MIC-WMB), Shallow Conduit Adapter (MIC- SCA), and Spreader Plate (MIC-SPR)) Figure 7.3: Typical corner mount (from left: Wall Mount Bracket (MIC-WMB), Shallow Conduit Adapter (MIC-SCA), and Corner Mount Bracket (MIC-CMB)) 2013.11 | 8.1 |...
  • Page 25: Select The Mounting Location

    If the camera is installed in a highly exposed location where lightning strikes may occur, then Bosch recommends installing a separate lightning conductor within 0.5 m (1.6 ft) of the camera and at least 1.5 m (4.9 ft) higher than the camera. A good earth bonding connection to the camera housing itself will provide protection against damage from secondary strikes.
  • Page 26 | Select the Mounting Location and Orientation MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Correct mounting orientation of Incorrect mounting orientation of MIC camera MIC camera - upright, inverted 3. Install the mounting brackets. Observe all appropriate safety precautions and local building regulations.
  • Page 27: Mount The Camera

    MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Mount the Camera | en Mount the Camera To mount a MIC Series camera, follow these steps: Warning! Ensure not to damage the paint work on the housing of the camera or the mount. 1. Carefully lift the camera to the mounting location.
  • Page 28: Earthing The Camera

    | Earthing the Camera MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Earthing the Camera Earth the MIC Camera to metal on or attached to the mount. Warning! The camera must be earthed / grounded to meet EMC immunity standards. Earth the camera using one of the supplied securing bolts. Only earth the camera at a single point to prevent earth loops and video distortion (hum bars), caused by electrical interference, from appearing on the camera picture in the control room.
  • Page 29: Finalize Camera Mounting

    MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Finalize Camera Mounting | en Finalize Camera Mounting Finalize Camera Mounting Warning! It is essential that the connections and the base of the camera are completely sealed from water ingress. Any water getting into the connector is liable to cause corrosion to the connector pins, leading to unreliable operation of the camera unit.
  • Page 30: Install The Mic Power Supply Unit (Psu)

    Use only the power supply specified for your specific model of camera. Bosch provides a range of power supply units (PSUs) for MIC Series cameras. These units have a variety of common voltages and provide all the connections needed for power, telemetry and video.
  • Page 31: Fuse Ratings

    11.3 Fuse Ratings The MIC PSUs for MIC440 cameras have four (4) off 20 mm fuses (numbers 13 - 16 in the figure “Layout of MIC-240PSU-2 and MIC-115PSU-2”) in fuse holders. The ratings for these fuses are fixed on the low voltage secondary side but change with input voltage on the high voltage primary side.
  • Page 32 Screw terminal RS-485 control header Screw terminal Telemetry header Molex connector USB to RS-485 converter Molex connector [Not used for MIC440.] [Optional] Auxiliary, heater Screw terminal [Not used for MIC440.] Video (composite cable) Screw terminal Tamper switch header Screw terminal...
  • Page 33: Installation Instructions (Power Supply)

    Except for the Earth Link, heater links, and applicable fuses, the MIC PSUs have no user- adjustable parts. MIC cameras have no user-serviceable parts. Caution! Bosch recommends using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in connection with a MIC camera/PSU installation. Notice!
  • Page 34 1. Select a secure installation location for the PSU. Ideally, this is a location where the device cannot be interfered with either intentionally or accidentally. Bosch recommends using an environmentally suitable, lockable equipment cabinet. 2. Locate the four (4) mounting holes of the power supply enclosure.
  • Page 35 MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Install the MIC Power Supply Unit (PSU) | en Figure 11.3: Enclosure showing shield and earth core cable between earth terminal post and enclosure lid Number Description Earth core cable to enclosure lid Internal shield Earth termination post 7.
  • Page 36 | Install the MIC Power Supply Unit (PSU) MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera 14. Place the ring terminal onto the earth termination post. 15. Replace the copper washer. Secure with the brass nut. Figure 11.4: Mains input with shield removed, showing terminal block HD1 before wiring...
  • Page 37 Screen (Black) Notice! MIC440 cameras do not have an internal heater. 19. Slide back the cable so that the shield is in the middle of the gland. 20. Tighten the cable gland so that it grips firmly the shielded composite cable. It is important that the braided cable screen engages with the internal clamps of the cable gland to ensure correct EMC protection.
  • Page 38 | Install the MIC Power Supply Unit (PSU) MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera 21. If necessary, connect a tamper switch to terminal block HD2. 22. Make the necessary video connections. Feed the coaxial cable of your choice--see the table below to identify the recommended cable types, maximum distance, and other specifications for the coax video connection between the MIC power supply and the head-end control system--through the top-left M12 cable gland (item 1 in the figure “MIC PSU Enclosure, with...
  • Page 39: Led Description

    MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Install the MIC Power Supply Unit (PSU) | en Description LED 3 18 VAC power on camera LED 5 Power on for optional heater 30. Re-attach the enclosure lid and tighten the four (4) captive screws on the cover to ensure that the enclosure is watertight.
  • Page 40: Fit The Optional Sunshield (Mic440)

    MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Fit the Optional Sunshield (MIC440) The MIC440 Sunshield is designed to provide additional protection against direct solar radiation by reflecting solar exposure and creating an insulating gap between the environment and the surface of the camera. It is a two (2) part moulding and comes supplied with four (4) stainless steel set screws.
  • Page 41 MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Fit the Optional Sunshield (MIC440) | en Figure 12.2: Side View of Fitted Sunshield Figure 12.3: Back View of Fitted Sunshield Bosch Security Systems, Inc. Operation Manual 2013.11 | 8.1 |...
  • Page 42: Connection

    | Connection MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Connection 13.1 Connection Overview Connecting and configuring MIC cameras To configuration and operate/control the camera, you will need a computer, either an RS-232 to RS-485 adapter or a USB to RS-485 adapter, and the MIC Series Universal Camera Setup Software (“Camset”).
  • Page 43 MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Connection | en Figure 13.2: MIC-USB485CVTR2 to MIC Series Power Supply Unit Telemetry Header Cable Number Color Converter Number Color Telemetry Header Communication Mode Output (HD4 or HD5) in Power Supply Black RxB/Rx - Black Full Duplex (4-wire only)
  • Page 44: Configuration

    Addressing the camera using Bosch protocol with Camset The camera accepts a custom string of commands that change the camera address. The following procedure uses hexadecimal numbers to identify the camera address. Bosch recommends using a calculator with a decimal to hexadecimal converter to obtain the correct hexadecimal value for the address.
  • Page 45: Operation

    MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Operation | en Operation For operation of the MIC440, refer to the tables below for the list of support protocols and commands. Function Description (MIC function) Focus Control On: Enables Manual Focus Off: Disables Manual Focus => Auto Focus...
  • Page 46 On: Sets Shutter Speed 1/600s (fixed) (1/600s) Off: Returns to Auto Iris Shutter Speed On: Set Shutter Speed 1/1000s (fixed) (1/1000s) Off: Returns to Auto Iris Table 15.1: Bosch OSRD Aux Controls 2013.11 | 8.1 | Operation Manual Bosch Security Systems, Inc.
  • Page 47 Operation | en Notes 1. Bosch OSRD camera Address change: The camera address may be changed using the following sequence of commands. This is similar to the “Fast Address” for AUTODOME VG4 model cameras, but utilizes a different set of AUX numbers and there are not any OSD messages displayed during this process.
  • Page 48 | Operation MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Presets & AUX Commands (MIC440) Note: AD = American Dynamics; FV = Forward Vision; Pelco = Pelco D/P Preset Function Bosch Pelco Notes Positions: Learn and Go To (Bosch Set/Shot) Preset Positions 1–27 1-34...
  • Page 49 MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Operation | en Change Auto Pan Learn Speed Learn 1-40 STOP AutoPa before Save Auto Pan Left Learn Limit Save Auto Pan Right Learn Limit Start Auto Pan with Go To Limits Stop Auto Pan with Go To...
  • Page 50 1) AD 1 tour only; Note Note 211– 50–55 Define Pattern 1 (A0) & Save Pattern (A3) Run Pattern 1 (B0) 2) Bosch one tour only; see AUX 17-20 for options Auto IR On [Enable Learn Learn Learn Night Mode] Auto IR Off [Disable...
  • Page 51 MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Operation | en Set Baud 1200 Set Baud 2400 Learn Set Baud 4800 Learn Set Baud 9600 Learn Show Startup Learn [Boot]Message Address Change Bosch Pelco: Learn 60 Twice; then Cams Cams notes. Learn # for new address 14 &...
  • Page 52 | Operation MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Autopan (Scan) To change the scan speed, learn preset 95 followed by another preset. The second preset is the scan speed. The speed range is 1 to 40. SCAN SPEED SET Learn Preset 95 To start a scan, GOTO preset 99.
  • Page 53: Maintenance And Troubleshooting

    No User-serviceable Parts The device contains no user-serviceable parts. Maintenance and repair of this device shall only be carried out by a Bosch service center. In the event of failure, the device should be removed from site for repair. On-Site Inspection It is recommended that the device be inspected on-site every six months to check mounting bolts for tightness, security, and any signs of physical damage.
  • Page 54: Cleaning Mic440

    16.1 Cleaning MIC440 The MIC440 features an automatic cleaning cycle to ensure proper operation during daily use. The cleaning cycle occurs every 24 hours, based on a user-defined setting in Camset. During the cleaning cycle, the camera initiates a full-speed pan rotation in one direction, stops the rotation, then starts a full-speed pan rotation in the other direction.
  • Page 55 MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Maintenance and Troubleshooting | en – Cleaning Phase A: This cleaning phase consists of one (1) minute of full-speed pan rotations (approximately 12 rotations) in one direction and a rotation stop. During Cleaning Phase A, an operator can delay cleaning by five (5) minutes or can cancel this instance of the cleaning cycle.
  • Page 56 During the three cleaning phases, an operator can use the Focus or Iris buttons located on the Camset Standard Control window or from a keyboard connected to the MIC440. The on-screen display shows the following message 60 seconds before the start of the...
  • Page 57: Technical Data

    MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Technical data | en Technical data For product specifications, see the datasheet for your MIC camera, available on the appropriate product pages of the Online Product Catalog at Bosch Security Systems, Inc. Operation Manual 2013.11 | 8.1 |...
  • Page 58 | Appendices MIC440 Explosion-protected Camera Appendices 18.1 MIC440 Common Features by Protocol MIC440 Common Features by Protocol American Bosch Forward Pelco Dynamics Vision PTZ Operations AutoPan without limits AutoPan with limits AutoPan Speed adjustable Number of Presets Number of Preset...
  • Page 60 Bosch Security Systems, Inc. 850 Greenfield Road Lancaster, PA, 17601 © Bosch Security Systems, Inc., 2013...