Sharp AY-AP9NRH Operation Manual

Split type room air conditioner


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Device of this mark is a trademark of
Sharp Corporation.
Plasmacluster is a registered trademark
or a trademark of Sharp Corporation.
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4/17/12 12:54:05 PM
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  • Page 1: Operation Manual

    OPERATION MANUAL INDOOR UNIT OUTDOOR UNIT AY-AP9NRH AE-A9NRH AY-AP12NRH AE-A12NRH Device of this mark is a trademark of Sharp Corporation. Plasmacluster is a registered trademark or a trademark of Sharp Corporation. OM_AY-AP9NRH_EN.indd 1 OM_AY-AP9NRH_EN.indd 1 4/17/12 12:54:05 PM 4/17/12 12:54:05 PM...
  • Page 2 OM_AY-AP9NRH_EN.indd 2 OM_AY-AP9NRH_EN.indd 2 4/17/12 12:54:06 PM 4/17/12 12:54:06 PM...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Please read this manual carefully before using the product. This manual ENGLISH should be kept in a safe place for handy reference. • Do not splash or pour water directly on the CONTENTS unit. Water can cause electric shock or equipment damage.
  • Page 4: Parts Name

    PARTS NAME INDOOR UNIT 1 Air Inlet 2 Open Panel 3 Air Filter 4 AUX Button 5 Receiver Window 6 Power Supply Cord 7 Vertical Airflow Louvre 8 Horizontal Airflow Louvre 9 Air Outlet 10 PLASMACLUSTER Lamp (blue 11 OPERATION Lamp (red 12 TIMER Lamp (orange 13 TURBO Lamp (green...
  • Page 5 REMOTE CONTROL 1 TRANSMITTER 2 DISPLAY 3 ON/OFF Button 4 THERMOSTAT Button 5 DISPLAY Button 6 PLASMACLUSTER Button 7 1-HOUR OFF TIMER Button 8 MODE Button 9 TIMER ON Button 10 FAN Button 11 TIMER OFF Button 12 SWING Button 13 TIMER CANCEL Button 14 TURBO Button 15 RESET Button...
  • Page 6: Using The Remote Control

    USING THE REMOTE CONTROL AUXILIARY MODE LOADING BATTERIES Use this mode when the remote control is not available. Remove the battery cover. TO TURN ON Insert two batteries. (AAA(R03)) Press the AUX button. Make sure the ( + ) and ( - ) polarities are cor- rectly aligned.
  • Page 7: Basic Operation

    BASIC OPERATION Press the MODE button to select the operation mode. AUTO HEAT COOL Press the ON/OFF button to start operation. • The red OPERATION lamp ( ) will light up. TO TURN OFF Press the ON/OFF button again. • The red OPERATION lamp ( ) will turn off.
  • Page 8: Adjusting The Air Flow Direction

    ADJUSTING THE AIR FLOW DIRECTION VERTICAL AIR FLOW DIRECTION HORIZONTAL AIR FLOW DIRECTION Press the SWING button. Hold the horizontal airflow louvre le- vers and adjust the air flow direction. • The vertical airflow louvre will swing. Press the SWING button again to stop at the desired position.
  • Page 9: Coanda Airflow

    COANDA AIRFLOW TURBO OPERATION In cool or dry mode, vertical airflow louvre The air conditioner will operate to make the is set obliquely upward to deliver cool air to room cool or heat rapidly. the ceiling in order to avoid direct airflow. During operation, press the In heat mode, vertical airflow louvre is set TURBO button.
  • Page 10: Plasmacluster Operation

    PLASMACLUSTER OPERATION 1-HOUR OFF TIMER Plasmacluster ions released into the room When the 1-HOUR OFF TIMER is set, the unit can reduce airborne mold. will automatically turn off after one hour. Press the 1-HOUR OFF TIMER During operation, press the button.
  • Page 11: Timer Operation

    TIMER OPERATION TIMER OFF TIMER ON Press the TIMER OFF button and Press the TIMER ON button and set the time as desired. set the time as desired. 0.5h 1.0h 1.5h 0.5h 1.0h 1.5h • The orange TIMER lamp ( ) will light up.
  • Page 12: Display Button

    DISPLAY BUTTON NOTE ON OPERATION OPERATING CONDITION Use when the lamps on the unit are too bright. (The red OPERATION lamp and the orange TIMER lamp cannot be turned off.) OUTDOOR INDOOR TEMP. TEMP. During operation, press the DIS- Upper limit 32 ˚C 43 ˚C PLAY button.
  • Page 13: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE Be sure to stop the operation, disconnect CLEANING THE UNIT AND THE RE- the power cord from the wall outlet and turn MOTE CONTROL off the circuit breaker before performing • Wipe them with a soft cloth. any maintenance. •...
  • Page 14: Before Calling For Service

    BEFORE CALLING FOR SERVICE The following conditions do not denote Check the following points before calling for service. equipment malfunctions. The unit does not operate Unit does not operate • The unit will not operate if it is turned on im- •...
  • Page 15 CN-1 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:1 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:1 4/17/12 12:54:51 PM 4/17/12 12:54:51 PM...
  • Page 16 CN-2 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:2 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:2 4/17/12 12:54:53 PM 4/17/12 12:54:53 PM...
  • Page 17 CN-3 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:3 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:3 4/17/12 12:54:55 PM 4/17/12 12:54:55 PM...
  • Page 18 CN-4 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:4 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:4 4/17/12 12:54:59 PM 4/17/12 12:54:59 PM...
  • Page 19 ° ° CN-5 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:5 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:5 4/17/12 12:55:01 PM 4/17/12 12:55:01 PM...
  • Page 20 CN-6 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:6 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:6 4/17/12 12:55:03 PM 4/17/12 12:55:03 PM...
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  • Page 22 CN-8 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:8 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:8 4/17/12 12:55:06 PM 4/17/12 12:55:06 PM...
  • Page 23 0.5h 1.0h 1.5h 0.5h 1.0h 1.5h CN-9 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:9 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:9 4/17/12 12:55:08 PM 4/17/12 12:55:08 PM...
  • Page 24 ° ° ° ° ° ° ° CN-10 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:10 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:10 4/17/12 12:55:10 PM 4/17/12 12:55:10 PM...
  • Page 25 ° CN-11 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:11 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:11 4/17/12 12:55:12 PM 4/17/12 12:55:12 PM...
  • Page 26 CN-12 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:12 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:12 4/17/12 12:55:14 PM 4/17/12 12:55:14 PM...
  • Page 27 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:13 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:13 4/17/12 12:55:16 PM 4/17/12 12:55:16 PM...
  • Page 28 SHARP CORPORATION OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:14 OM_AY-AP9NRH_HK.indd Sec1:14 4/17/12 12:55:17 PM 4/17/12 12:55:17 PM...

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