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Before Calling For Service - Sharp AY-AP9NRH Operation Manual

Split type room air conditioner
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The following conditions do not denote
equipment malfunctions.
Unit does not operate
• The unit will not operate if it is turned on im-
mediately after it is turned off. The unit will
not operate immediately after the mode is
changed. This is to protect the unit. Wait 3
minutes before operating the unit.
Unit does not send out warm air
• In heating operation, the indoor fan may not
start for 2 to 5 minutes after the unit is turned
on to prevent cold air from blowing out of the
• The unit is defrosting. Wait for 5 to 10 min-
• Carpet and furniture odors that entered into the
unit may be sent out from the unit.
Cracking noise
• This sound is generated by the friction of the
unit expanding or connecting due to a tem-
perature change.
A low buzzing noise
• This is a sound of the unit generating Plasma-
cluster ions.
Swishing noise
• The soft, swishing noise is the sound of the
refrigerant flowing inside the unit.
Mist seen at indoor air outlet
• In cooling operation, this is caused by the dif-
ference between the room air temperature
and the air discharged.
Water vapour
• In heating operation, water vapour may flow
out of the outdoor unit during defrosting.
Odor emitted from the air outlet
• This is the smell of ozone generated from the
Plasmacluster Ion generator. The ozone con-
centration is very small, posing no adverse
effect on your health. The ozone discharged
into the air rapidly decomposes, and its den-
sity in the room will not increase.
OM_AY-AP9NRH_EN.indd Sec1:12
OM_AY-AP9NRH_EN.indd Sec1:12
Check the following points before calling
for service.
The unit does not operate
• Check if the circuit breaker has tripped or the
fuse has blown.
The unit does not cool (or heat) the
room effectively
• Check the filters. If dirty, clean them.
• Check the outdoor unit to make sure nothing
is blocking the air inlet or outlet.
• Check the thermostat is proper setting.
• Make sure windows and doors are closed
The unit does not receive the remote
control signal
• Check whether the remote control batteries
have become old and weak.
• Try to send the signal again with the remote
control pointed properly towards the unit's sig-
nal receiver window.
• Check whether the remote control batteries
are installed properly.
Please call for service when the red lamp,
the orange lamp and/or the green lamp on
the unit blink.
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4/17/12 12:54:18 PM



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