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Chapter 1 Overview; Features - Sony PDW-V1 Operation Manual

Professional disc recorder.
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1-1 Features

The PDW-V1 Professional Disc Recorder is a compact and
lightweight unit, offered as an affordable solution for
playing back optical discs as well as for audio and video
data file recording through its
S400 (i.LINK
) connector. It is ideal for field
applications, and for desktop viewing by journalists,
producers, and other production staff.
1) i.LINK is a trademark of Sony Corporation.
The features of the PDW-V1 include the following.
Playback of MPEG IMX/DVCAM
The PDW-V1 offers the capability to play back both
flexibility to select from these formats according to their
picture-quality needs.
1) MPEG IMX and DVCAM are trademarks of Sony Corporation.
Recording video and audio data as files
Though the PDW-V1 does not have video and audio input
connectors, it is possible to record AV data as files through
(network) connector or S400 (i.LINK) connector.
Proxy AV data
The proxy AV data is a low-resolution, MPEG-4 based
version of the full-resolution MPEG IMX/DVCAM
stream. When a full-resolution MPEG IMX/DVCAM file
is transferred, a proxy AV stream file that is time code
synchronized with the full-resolution stream, is also
created automatically on the disc. This proxy AV data,
which is smaller in size, is easier to work with and can be
transferred over common networks at much greater
speeds. The proxy AV data can be transferred at upto 30
times faster than real time.
(network) connector or
streams. Users have the
Thumbnail search operation
Simply press the THUMBNAIL button and the PDW-V1
instantly displays these thumbnails on either its LCD
display or a connected monitor. You can easily cue up the
desired scene by guiding the cursor to the corresponding
thumbnail and confirming your selection with the SET
Scene selection
You can create and play back clip lists of selected clips
from the disc, arranged in any order.
One disc can store up to 99 clip lists.
Clip lists make it simple to perform offline editing in the
field for later use with full-scale nonlinear editing systems
, etc.).
1) XPRI is a trademark of Sony Corporation.
Quick picture search by jog and shuttle
The PDW-V1 has jog and shuttle dials as a conventional
VTR to search picture in a clip. The jog dial is for frame-
by-frame search at ±1 times normal speed and the shuttle
dial is for high-speed search at up to ±20 times normal
IT-friendly system
In the Professional Disc, clips are recorded as video and
audio data files
. This file-based recording system also
allows material to be viewed directly on a computer linked
to the PDW-V1 via an i.LINK (file access mode, called
FAM below) connection—in the same way that a
computer reads data files on an external drive. The
interfaces include the S400 (i.LINK) connector,
supporting AV/C (Audio/Video Control) and i.LINK
(FAM) protocols, and
(network) connector. The
(network) connector supports MXF (Material eXchange
Format) file transfer capability to exchange contents with
other equipment supporting MXF.
1-1 Features


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