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Handling Discs; Discs Used For Playback; Notes On Handling; Write-protecting Discs - Sony PDW-V1 Operation Manual

Professional disc recorder.
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3-6 Handling Discs

3-6-1 Discs Used for Playback

This unit uses the following disc for playback: PFD23
Professional Disc
(capacity 23.3 GB)
1) Professional Disc is a trademark of Sony Corporation.
It is not possible to use the following discs with this unit:
• Blu-ray Disc
• Professional Disc for Data

3-6-2 Notes on Handling

The Professional Disc is housed in a cartridge, and is
designed to allow handling free of risk from dust or
fingerprints. However, if the cartridge is subjected to a
severe shock, for example by dropping it, this can result in
damage or scratching of the disc. If the disc is scratched, it
may be impossible to record video/audio, or to play back
the content recorded on the disc. The discs should be
handled and stored carefully.
• Do not touch the surface of the disc itself within the
• Deliberately opening the shutter may cause damage.
• Do not disassemble the cartridge.
• The supplied adhesive labels are recommended for
indexing discs. Apply the label in the correct position.
• Do not store discs where they may be subjected to direct
sunlight, or in other places where the temperature or
humidity is high.
• Do not leave cartridges where dust may be able to gain
• Store cartridges in their cases.
Care of the discs
• Remove dust and dirt on the outside of a cartridge using
a soft dry cloth.
• If condensation forms, allow ample time to dry before

3-6-3 Write-Protecting Discs

To protect the content recorded on the disc from accidental
erasure, move the Write Inhibit tab on the lower surface of
the disc in the direction of the arrow, as shown in the
following figure.
3-6 Handling Discs
Lower surface of the disc Write Inhibit tab
Write Inhibit tab settings
Recording enabled
Recording disabled
You can lock individual clips to prevent them from being
deleted. For details, see 4-6-1 "Locking Clips" (page 39).

3-6-4 Loading and Unloading a Disc

When the on/standby switch indicator is lit green, you can
load and unload a disc as shown in the following figure.
On/standby switch and
To unload
Press the EJECT button.
When a disc is loaded, the disc loaded mark
18) lights. It flashes while the disc is being inserted, and
while it is being ejected.
If message "HUMID!" appears in the time data
There is moisture condensation in the unit.
For the steps to take when the message appears, see 8-4
"Condensation" on page 100.
Slide in the direction of the arrow
To load
Insert a disc face up.
The disc is drawn in.
(see page


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