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Step 3. Water Fill - Kenmore 758.15408010 Use & Care Manual

Whole house humidifier 8 gallon output with digital readout
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Step 3. Water Fill

WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or
shock hazard, do not pour or spill water into
control or motor area. If controls get wet, let
them dry completely and have unit checked
by authorized service personnel before
plugging in.
After the humidifier is positioned where it
will be operating you are ready to fill the
humidifier. The bottle lifts straight up and
away from the base. Take care not to
bump or damage fill valve assembly on
the bottom of the bottle.
Invert the bottle. Press the valve stem
button into the bottle and turn clockwise to
lock in open position. Place bottle under
the faucet. Fill the bottle, being careful not
to allow any debris to get in the bottle.
Debris may interfere with the valve
seating. Once the bottle is full, press the
valve stem button and turn counter
clockwise to release and close.
CAUTION: Use only 32-14900 EPA
Registered Bacteriostat available
from Sears Retail store. Under no
circumstances should you use water
treatment products designed for Roto
belt or Ultrasonic humidifiers.
Place the water bottle back into the humidifier
base. When positioned properly, the plunger
will open and the water will flow into the base.
The base will hold the entire contents of the
water bottle. Once the bottle is empty,
remove it and repeat the filling process. The
humidifier is now filled to capacity. To benefit
from less frequent filling, let the humidifier
exhaust both the water from the bottle and
the base before filling.
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