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Kenmore Quiet Comfort 758.144120 Owner's Manual

Evaporative console humidifier
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S.ave This Manual
For Future Reference
Model No. 758.144240
, Operating
, Parts List
Sold by SEARS,
AND COo, Chicago,
H 60684 U,S°Ao
Part No. SP5377
Pnnted in U.S.A.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 For Future Reference owner's manual MODEL NO. 758.144120 758.144240 FOR YOUR SAFETY: READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY Sold by SEARS, Part No. SP5377 Kenmope'" QUIET COMFORT" EVAPORATIVE CONSOLE HUMIDIFIER , Operating , Parts List ROEBUCK AND COo, Chicago, Model No. 758.144240 Instructions H 60684 U,S°Ao...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    10. To avoid damage to the humidifier, turn it to OFF when the tank is empty or when the humidifier is not in use. 11. To avoid accidental electrical shock, do not touch the cord or controls with wet hands.
  • Page 3: Know Your Humidifier

    CAUTION: Use only 32-14900 EPA Registered teriostat available from SEARS Retail store. Use of ,Yes other water treatment products may damage the fil- "Yes...
  • Page 4: Location Instructions

    To avoid this, we rec- ommend you clean your humidifier Humidifier Cleaner 32-7283 and use Bacteriostat 32-14900. These are available at your local Sears store. Assembly Instruction (14 Gallon-Model 758.144240) Included with this humidifier are two decorative handles which must be _.t-taelibd to the top of the side panels.
  • Page 5: Water Fill

    If controls do get wet, have the unit checked by a qualified service technician before plugging • Raise the lid. 2. Locate controls on right side of humidifier• (See Fig. 7) 3. Locate splash guard, between motor support section and rear of humidifier tank•...
  • Page 6: Operating Controls

    © no longer MODEl_ 758.144120 Figure 10 4. If humidifier stops running, the humidity level is at the normal requirements for that setting or adjusting to the home conditions. Figure 11 shows approximate rel- ative humidity percentages various settings of the Humidity Control.
  • Page 7: Cleaning Of Humidifier Tank

    5. Before removing the filters, we recommend the humidifier to an area where floor coverings are not susceptible to water damage, i.e. kitchen or bath areas. 6. Slide up the filter holders and remove (either discard or store for further use) the filters located inside by gently pushing out from either side.
  • Page 8: Care Of Filter

    6. Replace the filter (in holder) in the humidifier tank by lining up rear slot on filter holder frame with track on or more often tank. Tilt holder toward rear and lower until front tab Use Sears recom- lines up with front slot on the filter holder.
  • Page 9: Troubleshooting

    ° Allow unit to continue runningin-diy dry out is desired. • Check float for leak, replace if necessary. • Remove cardboard. Bacteriostat available from Sears Retail. Use of other water you use water treatment products designed Remedy out cy_le if...
  • Page 10 Repair Parts Parts List For Sears Humidifier Model 758.144120 and 758.144240 GUARD...
  • Page 11 This assembly is factory aligned. Repair service is available at your nearest Sears store. • Standard Hardware Item - May be purchased locally. t Stock Item - May be secured through the Plumbing and Heating Department of most Sears Retail Stores. Parts List for Sears Humidifier Model No.
  • Page 12: Repair Parts

    3. MODEL NUMBER: 758.144120 and 758.144240 4. NAME OF ITEM: Humidifier All parts listed may be ordered from any Sears Service Center. If the parts you need are not stocked locally, your order will be electronically transmitted to a Sears Repair Parts Distribution Center for handling.

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