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Kenmore 758.15408010 Use & Care Manual page 9

Whole house humidifier 8 gallon output with digital readout
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NOTE: During this time the room humidity
level will continue to be monitored and the
humidifier will cycle the fan on and off until
the filter is completely dry. The fan will
shut off leaving you with a dry humidifier
that is less prone to mold and mildew
growth. If DRY OUT MODE is not desired,
refill the humidifier with water and the fan
will return to the set speed.
NOTE: Fan automatically switches to
lowest speed during DRY OUT MODE.
Check Filter Indicator
The ability of any humidifier to efficiently
supply humidity output relies heavily on
the condition of the filter. As the filter
loads with impurities it gradually loses its
wicking capability. When this happens,
moisture output is reduced and the
humidifier has to work longer to satisfy the
selected setting. This humidifier has a
check filter reminder timed to appear after
720 hours of operation. When the display
shows an alternating "CF" and "room
humidity" setting at 5 second intervals it is
a reminder to check the filter condition.
NOTE: Some areas have high water
mineral content causing the need for more
frequent filter changes.
Refer to "Replacement and Care of Filter"
on page 10. If a build-up of deposits or
severe discoloration is evident replace the
filter to restore maximum efficiency.
Quiet Comfort
Check Filter
The humidistat located on the power cord
senses the percentage of humidity in the
air. It causes the humidifier to cycle on
and off to maintain the selected humidity
SET point. The fan will turn on if the
"ROOM" reading falls 3% below the SET
point and will continue to run the
humidifier until a reading of 1% above the
SET point is achieved. The fan will turn off
until the ROOM reading falls 3% below
the SET point again.
Control Lock Out
To avoid unwanted tampering with the
humidifier settings the controls can be
Activation Procedure
After the humidifier functions have been
set up, hold the power button down for 5
seconds. The display will show "CL" for 2
seconds; release the power button and
the control will resume the display of the
room humidity. The room humidifier will
continue to function with the locked in
settings. If buttons are operated while
"CL" is active, the "CL" is displayed and
settings are unaffected.
Deactivation Procedure
To deactivate the "CL" function simply
press and hold the power button for 5
seconds. "CL" will flash at the rate of 1
second on and 1 second off for a period of
2 seconds and then resume the display of
room humidity.
NOTE: Be sure humidistat is located
approximately 2 inches outside humidifier
body and power cord is free from
obstruction and away from any hot air



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