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Water Fill - Kenmore QUIET COMFORT 758.14451 Owner's Manual

Whole house humidifier 7 gallon output
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Water Fill
WARNING: To reduce the risk of
shock, always unp ug:humtdifier
before_ cleaning, Or servicing.
Close the control cover. If controls
get wet let them dry completely and
have unit Checked by authorized
service personnel before plugging
This humidifier is designed for use with
the water bottle located under the bottle
cover to the left of the fan assembly. The
unit should be positioned where it will be
To fill the whole house humidifier, close
the control cover and remove the bottle
cover. To remove the water bottle, lift the
bottle straight up and out of the cabinet
]-he water bottle is designed
with an
Remove the "E-Z-
Fill Side-Cap" on the side of the water bot-
tle by twisting counterclockwise.
Place the opening of the water botUe under
a water faucet (the bottle should fit under a
four-inch Oearance faucet). Fill with recom-
mended mixture of cold water and Sears
BacterioStat #42:14900 only. Solid debris
could make the valve leak.
tnstall the "E-Z-Fill Side-Cap" by twisting
clockwise. Hand tighten only.
Check for possible leaks by performing
the following:
1. Grasp bottle handle and hold the bottle
Upright over a sink.
2_ Press up on valve cap plungerfor about
one second to let out a littlewater.
3, ReleaSe the plunger.
i 4_ Listen for air bubbles. Look for leaks
around _E-Z-Fill Side-Cap".
:51 ! f you:hear
air bubbles or see leaks,
retighten "E-Z-Fill Side-Cap" and repeat
Steps "t-4_
Wipe off excess water from the bottle.
Position the water bottle back into the unit.
Turn Counterclockwise
Cap Plunger


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