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Using Your Humidifier - Kenmore 758.15408010 Use & Care Manual

Whole house humidifier 8 gallon output with digital readout
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Operating the Controls (cont'd.) ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Speed Button
This humidifier is equipped with a 3-speed
fan control. Initially depressing the speed
button will display the current speed setting.
Each push of the speed button advances the
mode through the settings of (HIGH) F3,
(MEDIUM) F2, (LOW) F1 and (AUTO) A.
The selected setting is displayed on the
digital readout. The higher the setting, the
faster water is evaporated and released into
the air. F1 (LOW) is the quietest setting and
is provided for conditions that do not require
a rapid evaporation rate. When (AUTO) A is
selected the humidifier will determine the
required fan speed needed to bring the actual
room humidity up to the set humidity.
Speed Button
Quiet Comfort
Using Your Humidifier ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Refill Display
For maximum run time both the bottle and the
base should be filled. When both the bottle
and the base empties, the display alternates
the room humidity reading and "F" (FILL),
informing additional water is required. Also at
this time the unit will automatically switch into
DRY OUT MODE and continue to run on the
lowest speed until the filter is dry.
Humidity Control
This button allows you to adjust the
humidity to suit your needs. This
humidifier will automatically cycle on and
off as required to maintain the selected
setting. The readout displays both actual
(ROOM) and desired (SET) humidity
percentage (%) settings when humidity
control button is pressed. The ROOM
readout has a range of 20% to 95%. If the
room humidity level is equal to or less
than 20% the display will show a flashing
The SET readout has a range of 25% to
65% and is adjusted in increments of 5%.
Initially depressing the humidity button will
display the current humidity setting. Each
additional press of the button increases
the setting by 5%. A SET point of 65%
operates the humidifier continuously
regardless of the ROOM reading. The
humidistat that senses the readings is
located on the power cord. Ensure that
this humidistat is free from obstruction.
Humidity Button
Quiet Comfort
Quiet Comfort
Refill / Dryout Mode



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