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Cleaning And Maintenance - Kenmore 758.15408010 Use & Care Manual

Whole house humidifier 8 gallon output with digital readout
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Cleaning and Maintenance ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
WARNING: To reduce the risk of injury,
fire or damage to humidifier, use only
cleaners specifically recommended for
humidifiers. Never use flammable,
combustible or poisonous materials to
clean your humidifier. To reduce the risk of
scalds and damage to humidifier, never
put hot water in humidifier.
CAUTION: Local water purity varies from
area to area and under certain conditions
water impurities and airborne bacteria may
promote the growth of microorganisms in
the reservoir of the humidifier. To retard
bacteria growth that may cause odors and
be harmful to your health, use only
Kenmore replacement filters. We also
recommend using EPA approved
bacteriostat, and humidifier cleaner,
available at your local Sears store.
Step 1
To make cleaning easier, the humidifier
base should be empty and completely
dried out. To accomplish this, use the
following method:
Allow the humidifier to run until the
REFILL message "F" illuminates and
the automatic shutoff has stopped
the humidifier fan.
Unplug humidifier.
Step 2
WARNING: To reduce the risk of shock,
always unplug humidifier before cleaning
or servicing. If humidifier is not unplugged,
fan could start after housing is removed.
To Remove Parts
See "Replacement and Care of Filter" page 10.
NOTE: There may be a little water still in the
base. Carefully dump the water out or remove
with a sponge.
Step 3
Bi-Weekly Maintenance
Removing Scale
Fill the humidifier base with one 8 oz.
cup of undiluted white vinegar. Let
solution stay 20 minutes.
Clean all interior surfaces with a soft
brush. Dampen a soft cloth with
undiluted white vinegar and wipe out
the base to remove scale.
Rinse thoroughly with clean warm
water to remove scale and cleaning
Disinfecting Base
Pour 1/2 gallon of water and 1/2
teaspoon chlorine bleach into the
base. Let solution stay for 20
minutes, carefully swishing every
few minutes. Wet all surfaces
normally exposed to water.
Empty base after 20 minutes. Rinse
with water until bleach smell is gone.
Allow unit to dry out completely.
NOTE: The water bottle should be
cleaned in the same manner as the base.
Rinse thoroughly with clean water after all
steps are complete.
End of Season Maintenance
Follow "Bi-Weekly Maintenance"
instructions at end of humidification
Remove filter.
Let humidifier dry completely before
Store in cool, dry location.
Install a new filter in clean humidifier
before next season begins.
NOTE: "Bi-Weekly Maintenance"
procedure is also recommended if
you do not plan to run the humidifier
for one week or more.
NOTE: Remove excess
water before cleaning



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