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Replacement And Care Of Filters - Kenmore 758.15408010 Use & Care Manual

Whole house humidifier 8 gallon output with digital readout
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Replacement and Care of Filter ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
WARNING: To reduce the risk of shock
or injury from moving parts, always unplug
humidifier before removing or replacing
any parts.
CAUTION: To help retard bacteria growth
and keep maximum efficiency, the filter
should be replaced at least once per
season, or more often under hard water
conditions. Use Kenmore 32-15508
recommended replacement filter.
Replace the evaporative wicking filter at least
once per humidification season or more
depending on water conditions in your area.
Filter Replacement
Unplug humidifier. Before removing
the filter, we recommend moving the
humidifier to an area where floor
coverings are not susceptible to water
damage. (i.e. kitchen or bath areas.)
Remove the water bottle and set aside.
Be sure not to bump or damage the fill
Grasp the housing assembly and lift
straight up and away from the base and
set aside. The filter is now accessible.
Take note of the filter position. Remove
the filter. You may want to clean the base
at this time. See the "Cleaning Your
Humidifier" section of this manual.
Install a new filter (32-15508) into the
base. Coil the filter and position it
between the uprights in the bottom of the
base. The start and finish of the coil
should be captured at the center of the
base (see diagram) and the filter should
be resting on the floor of the base.
Return the housing assembly to the top of
the base. Reposition the humidifier to its
operating position.
The humidifier is now ready to be filled for



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