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Universal Lpg Installation - Electrolux EQBL100AS User Manual

Integrated barbecue
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4 universal LPG installation electrolux integrated barbecue

Universal LPG installation

Preparing the unit for Universal LPG installation.
This barbecue is supplied set up for Natural Gas and is
labelled accordingly. A Universal LPG conversion Kit is
included to enable conversion to Universal LPG.
Conversion of this unit to Universal LPG must be carried
out by a qualified licensed person and a Certificate of
Compliance must be issued to the owner on completion of
the installation and conversion.
The required components for conversion have been
supplied. The components are:
• Hose and regulator assembly
• S mall plastic bag containing 4 brass injectors
• 1 Universal LPG sticker
• 1 test point adaptor
• 1 sealing washer
1. Change the injectors
R emove the front cover.
R elease the burner retainer clip as shown.
front cover
U nscrew and replace the 4 injector nipples located
in the end of each tube feeding the burners. The
Universal LPG injectors have a 0.95mm diameter
orifice in them. They appear substantially smaller
than the Natural Gas injectors.
R e-fasten the clip to retain the tube in the burner.
Do not over tighten or distort supply tube.
F it the front cover back on and fasten screws.
remove spring clip
by rotating over
burner tube end
LPG injector
2. Adjust the turndown setting on the valve
I f fitted, remove the knobs from the valves.
R emove rubber grommets from control panel holes.
A djust the turndown screw fully clockwise on each
of the 4 valves using a small flat blade screwdriver.
The valve is now set correctly for LPG operation (see
3. Connect the test point adaptor to the barbecue gas inlet
F it the test point adaptor ensuring the blue sealing
washer is in place and the arrow is pointing in the
direction of gas flow. Do not over-tighten.
4. Connect the hose to the test point adaptor
A pply thread tape or sealant to the male thread on
the hose and screw into the test point adaptor.
5. Replace the 'gas type' sticker
L ocate the 'Natural Gas' sticker located on the
barbecue gas inlet and remove it. Put the Universal
LPG sticker in its place.
turndown screw
barbecue gas inlet
sealing washer
test point adaptor –
ensure arrow is pointing
in the right direction
hose with tapered thread
– thread tape required



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