Options For Configuration Of Hotplates And Grills; Operating Instructions - Electrolux EQBL100AS User Manual

Integrated barbecue
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Options for configuration of hotplates
and grills
Ensure flame tamers are positioned under the grill
grill panels
flame tamers
Left hand hotplate, right hand grill – preferred orientation
for grilling
Left hand half grill, central hotplate, right hand half grill –
preferred orientation for roasting
Left hand grill, right hand hotplate – alternative preferred
orientation for grilling
electrolux integrated barbecue configuration of hotplates and grills/operating instructions 9

Operating instructions

Control functions
Before lighting the barbecue:
• C heck that all hoses and gas fittings are tight.
• O pen the slimline lid or the roasting hood.
NOTE The slimline lid is designed as a cover for weather
protection. The lid is not designed to be used as a
cooking hood.
• C heck all control knobs are in the 'OFF' position.
• E nsure that the cooking surfaces are clean.
• Turn the gas isolation valve 'ON'.
Lighting instructions
• D o not attempt to light burners with the cooking
surfaces covered.
• R ead instructions before lighting.
• T o light a burner, depress the knob and rotate to
• H old for 3 seconds, release and check the flame.
• I f burner did not light, turn knob to the 'OFF' position.
Allow gas to disperse, then repeat lighting procedure.
Manual lighting
• I f, in the advent of the automatic ignition system not
working, the barbecue can be lit manually.
• T o light manually, fit a 40mm match to match holder
provided. Pass lit match through viewing slots below the
front of cooking plates down towards the burner, then
rotate the knob to 'RAPID PREHEAT' to ignite. If ignition
fails turn the control valve off and allow several minutes
for the gas to disperse before attempting to light again.
• O nce alight, repeat for other burners as required.
pass match holder through viewing slot at front under cooking plates
• T his barbecue is fitted with high power burners. In most
conditions it will only be necessary to preheat the barbecue
for 5 minutes before cooking can commence.
• A s with most things, experience will familiarise you with
the effectiveness of and the time required to achieve the
desired preheating time to obtain the desired cooking
• T esting has shown that the burners can be turned to
the low position for satisfactory cooking.
• I f the barbecue is fitted with a slimline lid, it is advisable
to remove the slimline lid in windy conditions.
• I f the unit does not operate correctly refer to the
troubleshooting section on page 11.
• I f the burners are left to run too hot there will be excessive
smoking during the cooking process and subsequent
burning of the food being prepared. This may also result
in excessive flaring of the fat being emitted from the food.
• R oasting with the hood closed only requires the 2 outermost
burners to be on low setting for satisfactory cooking.
To turn the burner off
• W hen cooking is complete, rotate the knob fully clockwise
so the pointer on the knob is positioned at the off position.

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