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Charge Rate Selection; Automatic Float Charging; Approximate Charging Times; Troubleshooting - Black & Decker BATTERY CHARGER Instruction Manual

6 amp smart


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Ensure that all installation and operating instructions and safety precautions are understood and carefully
followed by anyone installing or using the charger. Follow the steps outlined in the "Important Safety
Instructions" section of this manual.

Charge Rate Selection

After charger clamps are correctly connected, plug the charger into a 120 volt AC outlet. The power indicator
light will light. Select the proper charge current rate based on battery size.
WARNING: If FAULT indicator lights, the connection to the battery terminals is bad.
Follow the steps outlined in "Important Safety Instructions" section of this manual.
If Rev. Polarity indicator also lights, the Red (Positive) and Black (Negative) clamps are incorrectly connected
to battery terminals. Follow the steps outlined in "Important Safety Instructions" at the front of this manual.
Charging the Battery
1. Press Charge Rate Selector 2A/4A/6A button once to begin charging at the 2 amp rate; the unit sounds a
beep and the charging current LED lights.
2. Pressing the Charge Rate Selector 2A/4A/6A button again advances charging rate to 4 amps, and pressing
once more advances charging rate to 6 amps. (Pressing the button again will turn OFF the charger output.)
This selection and actual battery charge rate are monitored by the microprocessor and the unit will stop
charging if the selected rate is too fast or too slow for battery size or condition.
As the battery nears full charge capacity, the unit's output will automatically drop to a lower charge rate.
3. The FUL LED lights when the battery is fully charged.
4. Disconnect the AC power cord first, then the negative clamp, and finally the POSITIVE clamp.

Automatic Float Charging

Automatic Float Charging is ideal for maintaining a fully charged battery.
1. Keep the 120 volt AC power and battery connected after battery is fully charged.
2. The charger monitors the battery and tops it off as needed.
WARNING: If battery size is not known, charge at the 2 Amp rate. DO NOT overcharge batteries.


The Black & Decker
battery becomes charged and stop when the battery is fully charged. Deep cycle batteries may require longer
charging time.
For estimates of the time it takes to charge a battery, refer to the following table.
Percent of charge
in battery
at 2 amp rate
at 4 amp rate
at 6 amp rate
*NR = Not recommended at 2 amps — use a higher charge rate.
The times shown in the table are approximate and refer to a 50 Ah automotive battery. For example, a 50 Ah
(12 volt) battery is discharged (50%). How long should it be charged at the 6 amp rate? See the chart above
under "50%" and "at 6 amp rate".
In most cases, battery charging times will vary depending on the size, age and condition of the battery. Smaller
batteries should be charged at a lower rate (2 amps) and an extra hour added to charge time.


Fault LED Lit
The following conditions may light the Fault LED:
• Poor connection to battery (or frame).
• Charging too fast — decrease charge rate by pressing the Charge Rate Selector 2A/4A/6A button to select a lower rate.
• Charging too slowly — battery is large and did not complete charging in 24 hours. Press the Charge Rate
11:45 AM
6 Amp Smart™ Battery Charger will automatically adjust the charge rate as the
3.5 HRS
2.5 HRS
Page 6
14 HRS
10.5 HRS
4.7 HRS
14 HRS
9.2 HRS

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