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Care And Maintenance - Black & Decker BATTERY CHARGER Instruction Manual

6 amp smart


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Selector 2A/4A/6A button to select a faster rate.
• Shorted battery cell — check battery.
• Open battery cell — check battery.
• Internal shorted battery cell — take your battery to a certified automotive service center for evaluation.
• Internal overheat in charger — make sure fan is not blocked.
Try charging another battery, if the FAULT LED does not light, then one of the above problems exists with the
initial battery. Charger will not charge and the fan will not operate if there is a fault. Call Technical Support toll
free: 1-800-544-6986.
Reverse Polarity LED Lit
• Incorrect polarity — follow the steps outlined in "Important Safety Instructions" at the front of this manual.
Battery not Accepting a Charge
• Make sure that the charger is plugged into a "live" 110/120 volt AC outlet and Power LED is lit.
• Unplug the charger and check battery connections - ensure that there is a good connection at the battery
terminal and/or vehicle chassis.
• Check that the correct charge rate was selected for the battery being charged.
• Ensure enough charging time was allowed to charge battery.
Charging a Very Cold Battery
If the battery to be charged is extremely cold (in temperatures below freezing – 0ºC/32ºF), it cannot accept a
high rate of charge, so the initial charge rate will be slow. The rate of charge will increase as the battery
warms. Never attempt to charge a frozen battery.


With proper care and minimal maintenance, the Black & Decker
provide years of dependable service. For maximum performance, manufacturer recommends:
• After each use, clean the battery charger clamps — be sure to remove any battery fluid that will cause
corrosion of the copper clamps.
• Clean the outside case of the charger with a soft cloth and, if necessary, mild soap solution.
• Do not allow liquid to enter the charger. Do not operate when charger is wet.
• Keep the charger cords loosely coiled during storage to prevent damage to the cords.
• Do not use charger if cords or clamps have been damaged in any way — call Technical Support toll-free at
• There are no user-serviceable parts in this unit.
• Do not open the unit. In the event of malfunction, it must be returned to manufacturer for professional testing
and repair. Opening the unit will void the manufacturer's warranty.
Battery Replacement/Disposal
It is recommended that the unit be returned to Customer Service for battery replacement.
This unit contains a maintenance-free, non-spillable, sealed lead-acid battery. This battery is fully recyclable
and should be accepted at any location that accepts common automotive starter batteries. Examples of places
that accept these batteries are: county or municipal recycling drop-off centers, scrap metal dealers and retailers
who sell automotive replacement lead-acid starter batteries. For more information, call 1-877-288-7722.
WARNINGS: Do not dispose of the battery in fire, as this may result in an explosion.
Before disposing of the battery, protect exposed terminals with heavy-duty electrical tape to prevent shorting
(shorting can result in injury or fire).
Do not expose battery to fire or intense heat, as it may explode.
Recommended accessories for use with your tool are available from your local dealer or authorized service
center. If you need assistance regarding accessories, please call: 1-800-544-6986.
WARNING: The use of any accessory not recommended for use with this tool could be hazardous.
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