Equalizing; Charge Rate Selection; Automatic Float Charging; Operating Instructions - Black & Decker 2 Amp 12 Volt User's Manual & Warranty Information

2/10/15 amp 12 volt smart battery charger
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Ensure that all installation and operating instructions and safety
precautions are understood and carefully followed by anyone
installing or using the charger. Follow the steps outlined in "Important
Safety Instructions" at the front of this manual.

Charge Rate Selection

After charger clamps are correctly connected, plug in the charger to a 120 volt AC
outlet. The charger will show a circulating pattern on the Digital Display, indicating
power has been applied. Select the proper charge current rate based on battery size.
Press the 2/10/15 AMP button and the charger will begin charging at 2 amps.
Pressing the 2/10/15 AMP button again will advance the charge rate to 10 amps,
and again to 15 amps. Pressing the switch again will turn OFF the charger output
and the display will show "000".
The only time the selected charge rate does not display at the full selected
rate is when the battery is nearly full and charging at either step two or three.
The display will be showing a reducing charge rate. To return to 2A, press
the 2/10/15 AMP button. When the battery is fully charged, the charging
complete and "FUL" is displayed on the Digital Display.
If Digital Display shows "F02" and the Fault indicator lights, the
connection to the battery terminals is bad. Follow the steps outlined in
"Important Safety Instructions" at the front of this manual to
disconnect, clean battery terminals, then reconnect.
If Rev. Polarity indicator also lights, the Red (Positive) and Black
(Negative) clamps are incorrectly connected to battery terminals.
Follow the steps outlined in "Important Safety Instructions" at the
front of this manual to disconnect, then reconnect in correct polarity.
Charging the Battery
1. Press Battery Type selector until desired battery type LED lights.
The default selection is "GEL" type battery.
2. Press 2/10/15 AMP button to begin charging at the 2 amp rate; the unit sounds
a beep and the charging current LED lights. The charger starts charging at
2 amps rate automatically if 2/10/15 AMP button is not pressed within 3
minutes after applying AC power.
Charger occasionally sounds a beep and displays "0.0" during self-test or
charging stage changes.
3. Pressing the 2/10/15 AMP button again advances charging rate to 10 amps
and pressing once more advances charging rate to 15 amps. (Pressing the button
again will turn OFF the charger output and the Display will show "000".) This
selection and actual battery charge rate are monitored by the microprocessor
and the unit will stop charging if the selected rate is too fast or too slow for battery
size or condition.
As the battery nears full charge capacity, the unit's output will automatically drop
to a lower charge rate.
4. Pressing the 2/10/15 AMP button repeatedly advances to standby mode; the
unit sounds a beep, displays "000" and stops charging. The battery charger
displays the charge current. To view the battery voltage, press BATTERY VOLTAGE
button. The charger will sound a beep and display the battery voltage for 3
seconds, then returns to displaying the charge current.
5. The display shows "FUL" when the battery is fully charged.
6. Follow the steps outlined in "Important Safety Instructions" at the front of this
manual to disconnect.

Automatic Float Charging

Automatic Float Charging is ideal for maintaining a fully charged battery.
1. Keep the AC power and battery connected after battery is fully charged.
2. The charger monitors the battery and tops it off as needed.
3. The Float Charge indicator lights.
4. The display shows charge current when topping off the battery and returns to
"FUL" when completed.
5. To view battery voltage, press the Battery Voltage button.
Charging can be terminated by pressing the Charge Rate selector repeatedly
until the display shows "000."
After AC power interruption, charging restarts at 2 amp rate automatically.
If battery size is not known, charge at the 2 amp rate. DO NOT
overcharge batteries.


Equalizing is the process by which the fluid in each of a battery's cells is equalized.
This process occurs after charging is complete.
• Remove or disconnect the vehicle's battery when equalizing.
The frequency which the equalization process needs to be run depends on the use of
the battery. The more the battery is used, the more undercharged it becomes; thus the
more frequently the battery should be equalized.
1. Do not use this mode on sealed or valve regulated batteries. This mode is only
meant for wet (unsealed/vented) batteries.
2. Make sure there are no flammable sources near the recharging sight.
3. Wear safety glasses, gloves and protective clothing.
4. Remove battery from vehicle. MAKE SURE THAT THE BATTERY HAS GOOD
VENTILATION. The process causes the release of hydrogen and oxygen. An
accumulation of these gases presents a real danger of explosion.
5. Open the battery cap, if removable.



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