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Charge Curve; Controls And Indicators - Black & Decker BATTERY CHARGER Instruction Manual

6 amp smart


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Charge Curve

Stage One — Rapid Start Charge at 6 amps delivers maximum charging amperage to "wake up" any
serviceable 12 volt battery and allows for quick engine starting in just 8 minutes (based on a midsize vehicle
battery at 50% charge level). When battery reaches a maximum safe predetermined voltage, the charger will
automatically signal a "beep" and move into Stage 2 of the charging process.
Stage Two — Absorption Charge maintains the maximum possible charge at a constant, safe, predetermined
voltage. During the phase, voltage absorption regulation charge, the charging voltage remains constant, while
the actual charging current is reduced to allow for the maximum proper internal chemical energy transfer. At
the end of Stage 2, the charger will automatically move into Stage 3 charge mode.
Stage Three — Top-Off Charge voltage is automatically maintained and reduced to a predetermined level
while current is adjusted for a safe, effective battery charge. At the conclusion of Stage 3, the unit will BEEP
signaling the completion of the charging cycle.
The Automatic Float Charge feature is ideal for maintaining a battery. It automatically "tops off" a battery as
needed, to keep it fully charged all the time.
• This unit has three charge rate settings, accessed by the Charge Rate Selector 2A/4A/6A button:
a) 2 amps: smaller batteries, as in lawn mowers, snowmobiles, motorcycles, etc.
b) 4 amps: mid-sized batteries, as in small cars
c) 6 amps: automobile batteries and light trucks
• Automatic float charge monitoring
• Microprocessor-controlled for proper operation and for fault detection
• Charge rate LEDs
• High-frequency, switch-mode operation for pure DC output
• Rapid charging three-stage output
• Heavy-duty cables and clamps are corrosion-resistant
• Connect to side or top-mount battery terminals
• Rugged case, plus sturdy carry handle
• Self-storage of cables and clamps
• Ideal during winter season when vehicle's starting performance is reduced by cold or extreme weather conditions
• Single beep tone indicates a button is pressed or a mode change occurs

Controls and Indicators

The Charge Rate Selector 2A/4A/6A button allows the user to select the charger rate based on battery size. This
selection and actual battery charge rate are monitored by the microprocessor and the unit will stop charging if
the rate is too fast or too slow for battery size or condition.
Below the Charge Rate LEDs are a series of four LEDs that light on the following conditions:
11:45 AM
Power — Lights when unit is connected to a 120 volt AC
electric outlet.
Full — Lights when charging is complete.
Fault — Lights when the battery is not connected properly or
not chargeable.
Rev. (Reverse Polarity) — Lights when clamps are
incorrectly connected to battery terminals.
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