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HP ProCurve Series Installation And Getting Started Manual: Prepare The Installation Site

Hewlett-packard switch installation & getting started guide.
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1. Prepare the Installation Site

Cabling Infrastructure - Ensure the cabling infrastructure meets the
necessary network specifications. The copper ports accept CX4 cable with
Infiniband-style connectors or fiber cable using a CX4 optical media converter
(OMC). The fiber ports accept single-mode fiber optic cable with SC
connectors. See the following table for cable types and lengths, and see
Appendix B
Table 2-1.
Port Type
Cable Type
For either 10, 100 Mbps, or 1000 Mbps
Category 5 or better, 100-ohm UTP or shielded
twisted-pair (STP) balanced cable. For
1000 Mbps (gigabit) operation, Category 5e
cabling or better is recommended.
Speed 3.125Gbx4
(Cables compatible with the 802.1ak standard)
12 fiber 50/125 μm (core/cladding) diameter,
OMC CX4 Fiber
(Optical Media
multimode Fiber ribbon cable. 12 fiber 62.5/125
μm (core/cladding) diameter, multimode Fiber
ribbon cable is also supported.
"Switch Ports and Network Cables"
Summary of Cable Types to Use With the Switch
Twisted-Pair Cables
Copper Cables
Installing the Switch
Installation Procedures
for more information:
Length Limits
100 meters
Note: The Series 3500yl and 6200yl Switches
are compatible with the IEEE 802.3ab standard
including the "Auto MDI/MDI-X" feature,
which allows use of either straight-through or
crossover twisted-pair cables for connecting
to any network devices including end nodes,
such as computers, or to other switches, hubs,
and routers.
Note: For 1000 Mbps operation, all four wire
pairs are used for data transmission.
0.5-15 meters
150 Mhz/km = 1-50 meters
500 Mhz/km = 1-100 meters
2000 Mhz/km = 1-300 meters



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