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HP J3175A Installation And Reference Manual: Connect The Network Cables

Hewlett-packard advancestack switch installation and reference guide.
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6. Connect the Network Cables

Using RJ-45 Connectors (10 Mbit/s and 100 Mbit/s ports)
To connect:
Push the RJ-45 plug into the RJ-45 jack
until the tab on the plug clicks into place.
When power is on for the switch and the
connected device, the Port LED should
light to confirm a powered-on device
(for example, an end node) is at the other
end of the cable.
To disconnect:
Press the small tab on the plug and
pull the plug out of the jack.
Do not connect a 10 Mbit/s network
into either of the 100 Mbit/s ports.
100Base-T Xcvr Slot
An optional 100Base-T transceiver module can be installed in the switch's
transceiver (Xcvr) slot to provide additional connectivity choices, including:
See the documentation accompanying the optional transceiver modules for
cabling configurations for those modules.
Installing the Switch 208/224
Unshielded twisted-pair cable:
Category 3, 4, or 5 for 10 Mbit/s ports
Category 5 only for 100 Mbit/s ports
Cat 3, 4 maximum distance: 100 meters
Cat 5 maximum distance: 150 meters for 10BT
HP 100Base-FX Fiber-Optic Transceiver Module
(HP J3193B)
Maximum Distance: 1 kilometer
HP 100Base-TX Twisted-Pair Transceiver Modul
(HP J3192B)
Category 5 maximum distance: 100 meters
Installation Steps
RJ-45 plug
100 meters for 100BT


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