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HP J3137A Installation And Reference Manual

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Installation and
Reference Guide
HP J3137A
HP AdvanceStack 100VG Hub-7E


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   Summary of Contents for HP J3137A

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    Installation and Reference Guide HP J3137A HP AdvanceStack 100VG Hub-7E...

  • Page 3

    HP AdvanceStack 100VG Hub-7E Installation and Reference Guide...

  • Page 4

    A copy of the specific warranty terms applicable to your Hewlett-Packard product and replacement parts can be obtained from your HP Sales and Service Office or authorized dealer. Hewlett-Packard Companh 8000 Foothills Boulevard - Mailstop 5551 Roseville, California 95747-5551...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents HP AdvanceStack 100VG Hub-7E ....At A Glance ......

  • Page 7: Hp Advancestack 100vg Hub-7e

    HP AdvanceStack 100VG Hub-7E At A Glance The HP J3137A AdvanceStack 100VG Hub-7E is a high-speed multiport repeater. With this hub, you can connect computers and other devices to- gether in an unshielded twisted-pair cable network. This hub can be used to upgrade your 10 Mbit/s Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 network that uses unshielded...

  • Page 8: Installation Summary

    4. Complete network connections to the hub 1. Verify Included Parts Each Hub-7E has the following components shipped with it: HP AdvanceStack 100VG Hub-7E Installation and Reference Guide—this manual (J3133-90001) An AC power cord, one of the following: Australia/New Zealand...

  • Page 9: Verify That The Hub Works

    1. Plug the DC power supply into the hub’s Power connector. N o t e If your installation requires a different power cord than the one supplied with the hub, contact your HP-authorized LAN dealer or your local HP sales office. 2. Plug the power cord into the power supply.

  • Page 10: Mount The Hub

    (7 cm) of space for twisted-pair cables. In the back of the hub, leave 3 inches (7 cm) of space for the AC power cord. Ensure that the HP AdvanceStack hub(s) do not overload the power circuits, wiring, and over-current protection. To determine the...

  • Page 11

    3. Mount the Hub Do not install the HP AdvanceStack hub in an environment where the operating ambient temperature might exceed 55°C (131°F). Make sure the air flow around the sides of the hub is not restricted. Mounting the Hub...

  • Page 12: Complete Network Connections To The Hub

    Typical hub connections are: Hub-to-device connections. Connecting to network devices such as computers and printers. Hub-to-hub connections. Connecting to another HP AdvanceStack 100VG Hub. This section describes the different ways you can connect your hub to your network.

  • Page 13

    Connecting Additional Hubs (“Cascading”) To add additional 100VG network ports, HP AdvanceStack 100VG hubs can be “cascaded” together. To cascade HP 100VG hubs, connect a LAN down- link port (ports 1 through 6) on the upper-level hub to the “Uplink” port on the lower-level hub.

  • Page 14: Troubleshooting

    IEEE 802.3 Type 10Base-T stand- ards, it will generally work. You can verify the cable is compatible with these standards by using the HP J3263A Cable Test Set. (The older HP 28687A Wire Test Instrument can also be used.) HP also offers a wire testing service.

  • Page 15

    Or try plugging the hub into a different outlet. If this condition persists, the hub, AC power supply, or AC power cord has failed. Call your HP-authorized LAN dealer or HP representative for assistance. Check cabling on the indicated port all the way out to the device attached to that port.

  • Page 16

    Troubleshooting Diagnosing the Hub through the ASCII Console The ASCII console provides tests and indicators that can be used to monitor the hub and its network connections. For more details about these tests and indicators. Each hub contains a 9-pin serial (RS-232-C) port that is used to connect the PC.

  • Page 17

    Troubleshooting 3. Set the baud rate of your modem to 9600 or 19,200 bps. Press [Return] several times at your terminal emulator program. The following screen appears: 100VG 7 port hub ROM Version A.01.00 HELP - Show this message. RESET - Reset the hub.

  • Page 18

    Troubleshooting Counter Definition Readable The count of valid frames received by the port. A valid frame is defined as a data frame which is not counted by any of the error counters. Errored The count of frames received with any of the following errors: FCS, bad symbol, symbol balance, undersize, or bad end-of-packet marker.

  • Page 19: Customer Support Services

    Workgroup Networks Guide which addresses capacity planning or dial 1-800-752-0900 to receive a copy by mail. HP FIRST Fax Retrieval Service HP FIRST is an automated fax retrieval service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. HP FIRST provides information on the following topics:...

  • Page 20: Specifications

    Specifications Specifications Physical Width: 21.6 cm (8.4 in) Height: 4.8 cm (1.9 in) Depth: 19.0 cm (7.5 in) Weight: 1.4 kg (3.0 lb) Electrical AC voltage: 100–250 volts Maximum current: 0.7 A max Frequency range: 50/60 Hz Environmental Operating Non-Operating Temperature: 0°C to 55°C -40°C to 70°C...

  • Page 21: Safety And Regulatory Statements

    Safety and Regulatory Statements Electromagnetic Complies with Canadian EMC Class A requirements. Emissions FCC part 15 Class A EN 55022/ CISPR-22 Class A VCCI Level I Immunity See the Declaration of Conformity for details at the end of the Regulatory Statements. Acoustic Noise 5.5 Bels Safety and Regulatory Statements...

  • Page 22

    Safety and Regulatory Statements Informations concernant la sécurité Cet appareil est un produit de classe I et possède une borne de mise à la terre. La source d’ali- mentation principale doit être munie d’une prise de terre de sécurité installée aux bornes du câblage d’entrée, sur le cordon d’alimentation ou le cordon de raccordement fourni avec le pro- duit.

  • Page 23

    Safety and Regulatory Statements Considerazioni sulla sicurezza Questo prodotto è omologato nella classe di sicurezza I ed ha un terminale protettivo di colle- gamento a terra. Dev’essere installato un collegamento a terra di sicurezza, non interrompibile che vada dalla fonte d’alimentazione principale ai terminali d’entrata, al cavo d’alimentazione op- pure al set cavo d’alimentazione fornito con il prodotto.

  • Page 24

    Safety and Regulatory Statements Safety Information (Japanese) Regulatory Statements FCC Statement (For U.S.A. Only) Federal Communications Commission Radio Frequency Interference Statement Warning: This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy. If it is not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, it may cause interference to radio communications.

  • Page 25

    VCCI Class 1 (For Japan Only) Declaration of Conformity The following Declaration of Conformity for the HP AdvanceStack 100VG Hub-7E comlies with ISO/IEC Guide 22 and EN 45014. The declaration identifies the product, the manufacturer’s name and address, and the...

  • Page 26: Recommended Cables

    Connecting a PC to modem or “crossover” the hub’s RS-232 port cable 25-pin male RS-232-C 9-pin female HP 24542H to 25-pin female null modem or “crossover” cable You can contact your HP-authorized dealer or call HP at 1-800-538-8787 to order these parts.

  • Page 27: Twisted-pair Cable/connector Pin-outs

    Twisted-Pair Cable/Connector Pin-Outs Twisted-Pair Cable/Connector Pin-Outs Twisted-Pair Cable for 100VG LAN Ports To connect PCs and other devices to the 100VG LAN ports, use a “straight- through” 4-pair twisted-pair cable. The twisted-pair wires must be twisted through the entire length of the cable. The illustration below shows the RJ-45 pin connections, color code, and pair configuration for an 100VG LAN cable (unbundled) that conforms to the EIA/TIA 568B wiring standard for a straight-through cable.

  • Page 29: Index

    ... 15 environmental specifications ... 14 network external power supply ... 2 cable requirements ... 21 network connections port connections ... 6 using to get HP product information ... 13 frame type switch troubleshooting ... 8 using ... 6...

  • Page 30

    Index parts list ... 2 troubleshooting ... 8 – 12 physical specifications of hubs ... 14 twisted-pair cable ports 100VG LAN cables ... 21 connection procedures ... 6 precautions for mounting the hub ... 4 procedures verifying hub operation ... 3 network connections to the hub ...

  • Page 32

    Technical information in this document is subject to change without notice. © Copyright 1996 Hewlett-Packard Company Printed in U.S.A. 2/96 Manual Part Number J3137-90001 *J3137-90001*...

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