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HP J3109A Installation Manual

Advancestack switch 10base-fl module.
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HP AdvanceStack Switch
10Base-FL Module
Installation Guide
HP J3109A


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   Summary of Contents for HP J3109A

  • Page 1

    Installation Guide HP J3109A HP AdvanceStack Switch 10Base-FL Module...

  • Page 3

    How to get the latest software/agent firmware You can download a compressed file ( j3100a.exe) containing the latest version of the HP Switch 2000 software, proprietary MIB, and a software download utility file (update.exe) from the HP BBS, HP FTP Library Service, CompuServe, and the World Wide Web.

  • Page 4

    HP FIRST Fax Retrieval Service HP FIRST is an automated fax retrieval service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. HP FIRST provides information on the following topics: Product information Troubleshooting instructions Technical reviews and articles...

  • Page 5: Hp Advancestack Switch 10base-fl Module

    HP AdvanceStack Switch 10Base-FL Module Installation Guide...

  • Page 6

    See the warranty card included with the product. A copy of the specific warranty terms applicable to your Hewlett-Packard product and replacement parts can be obtained from your HP sales and service office or HP-authorized reseller. Hewlett-Packard Company 8000 Foothills Boulevard, m/s 5551 Roseville, California 95747-5551

  • Page 7

    10Base-FL Module For the HP AdvanceStack Switch 2000 At A Glance The HP AdvanceStack 4-Port 10Base-FL Module (HP J3109A) is an optional component that you can add to an HP AdvanceStack Switch 2000 to provide four 10Base-FL ports. Connector Extractor Handle...

  • Page 8: Operating Requirements And Limitations

    Software Prerequisite: To use the 10Base-FL Module in the Switch 2000, the switch must be running software version A.02.01 or later. (Refer to step 1 under “Overview” on page 1.) Standards Adherence: The J3109A 10Base-FL Module complies with the IEEE 802.3j standard.

  • Page 10: Table Of Contents

    Contents HP AdvanceStack Switch 10Base-FL Module ..... iii At A Glance ..........iii Operating Requirements and Limitations .

  • Page 11: Overview

    Overview Overview You can install a 10Base-FL Module into any of the Switch 2000’s six module slots. The following steps provide an overview. The actual installation procedure begins on page 2. Determine whether your Switch 2000 is running the necessary operating system (OS) version and, if necessary, download a new version (page 2).

  • Page 12: Downloading Software

    Downloading Software Downloading Software Use this procedure in either of the following cases: You are installing a 10Base-FL Module in your Switch 2000 for the first time. A 10Base-FL Module is already installed in the Switch 2000 and you now want to upgrade the operating system (OS) to a newer version.

  • Page 13: Software Sources And Content

    Hewlett-Packard’s World Wide Web or other electronic sources. (Refer to “HP Customer Support Services” on the card included in the front of this manual.) Both the disk and the self-extracting (j3100a.exe) file contain one or more of the following files: The switch update utility, named update.exe, and a readme.txt file...

  • Page 14: How To Download The Os

    Downloading Software Observe the following when downloading the OS software to the Switch 2000: – filename.swi and filename.fdd must be in the same direc- tory. – filename must be the same for both files (that is, the files must be the .swi and .fdd file pair from the disk or from the self- extracting j3100a.exe file.

  • Page 15: Switch-to-switch Download

    Downloading Software Download the software upgrade by using one of the following methods: • TFTP download using a TFTP server and the Download OS option in the Switch 2000 console interface: This is the recom- mended download method if you have TFTP server access to the Switch 2000.

  • Page 16: Installing The 10base-fl Module In An Unused Slot

    Unused Slot Caution Static electricity can severely damage the sensitive electronic components on the HP AdvanceStack Switch 10Base-FL module. When handling and installing the module in your switch, follow these procedures to avoid damage from static electricity: Handle the module by its edges and avoid touching the components and the circuitry on the board.

  • Page 17

    Installing the 10Base-FL Module in an Unused Slot Replace the Blank LED Label LED Label Slot Strip with the 10Base-FL Strip Module Slot “A” Module Slot “B” Loosen These Two Screws Figure 2. Remove the Cover Plate from an Unused Switch Port Holding the module by its edges—taking care not to touch the metal connectors—position the module in front of an open slot on the switch by aligning the edges of the module with the small grooves near the bottom...

  • Page 18

    Installing the 10Base-FL Module in an Unused Slot Make sure the module’s extractor handles are in the open position (rotated away from the face plate), then push the module into the slot until you feel the extractor handles contact the switch chassis. (The handles will move slightly upwards when they contact the chassis.) Seat the module in the slot by simultaneously pushing in on both extractor handles until they are firmly seated against the front panel of the module...

  • Page 19

    If the Fault LED continues flashing, remove the module and contact your HP-authorized LAN dealer or HP networking support representative. If a module is not installed properly, and the module slot Fault LED...

  • Page 20

    Installing the 10Base-FL Module in an Unused Slot Tighten These Two Screws Figure 6. Securing the Module in the Slot Connect the appropriate ST-type network cables to the module’s 10Base-FL ports. To Tx Jack in 10Base-FL Port on Another Device To Rx Jack in 10Base-FL Port on Another Device Figure 7.

  • Page 21: Customizing The Port Configuration

    Installing the 10Base-FL Module in an Unused Slot Check the port LEDs for the newly-installed module to ensure that the port(s) connected in the preceding step are up. (If you have not already done so, install the LED label strip as described in step 1 on page page 6.) The “port-enabled”...

  • Page 22: Rebooting The Switch

    Installing the 10Base-FL Module in an Unused Slot Rebooting the Switch You can reboot the switch either by using the Reboot Switch command in the console Main menu or by pressing the recessed Reset button located to the right of the Power LED. Reset Button Figure 9.

  • Page 23: Removing Or Replacing A Module

    Removing or Replacing a Module Removing or Replacing a Module Use this section to do either of the following: Replace one module with another Remove a module without replacing it Loosen These Two Screws Figure 10. Removing the Module from the Slot Remove any network cables from the ports on the module.

  • Page 24

    Removing or Replacing a Module Do one of the following: • If you will be installing another 10Base-FL Module in the slot, go to “Installing the 10Base-FL Module in an Unused Slot” on page 6 and begin with step 3. To install another module type, refer to the manual you received with that module.

  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    Hewlett-Packard BBS and World Wide Web Hewlett-Packard FTP Library Service on the Internet CompuServe HP Network Phone-In Support (NPS) HP FIRST FAX Retrieval Service These services are described on the card at the front of this manual.

  • Page 26: Specifications

    ST-type connectors. Electromagnetic Emissions FCC part 15 Class A CISPR-22 Class A EN55022 Class A VCCI Class 1 Immunity EN50082-1 See also the Declaration of Conformity in the installation guide for the HP J3100A AdvanceStack Switch 2000.

  • Page 27: Regulatory Statements

    Regulatory Statements Regulatory Statements FCC Statement (U.S.A.) This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment.

  • Page 28: European Community

    Declaration of Conformity This product is designed for operation with the J3100A HP AdvanceStack Switch 2000 and is listed in the Declaration of Conformity included in the HP AdvanceStack Switch 2000 Installation Guide. DOC Statement (Canada) Complies with Canadian EMC Class A requirements.

  • Page 30

    ©1996 Hewlett-Packard Company Printed in USA 9/96 HP Part Number J3109-90002 *J3109-90002*...

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